Tao: The Pathless Path

The Pathless Path
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Tao: The Pathless Path
Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: OSHO

Uitgever: Renaissance Books

  • Engels
  • 181 pagina's
  • Renaissance Books
  • New title
  • februari 2002
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In TAO: THE PATHLESS PATH, a master discusses five classic Taoist parables and their meaning for everyday life. Osho's primary lesson on the Tao is to see it as a process of unconditioning - unlearning modes of behaviour, thinking and being that have imprisoned our minds for centuries. Osho teaches us to think of the mind as an onion: Go on peeling, go on peeling...and a moment comes when nothing is left in your hand. That nothing is what Tao is. That nothing at all...That emptiness is the source of all . The five parables he explains are: * The Man of Harmony - an exploration of the crucial difference between knowledge and knowing and how most of us fight with life without being aware of it * The Secret Taste of Honey on the Tongue - how memories of the past interfere with our ability to be in the present in every precious moment * The Fundamental Rule - the idea that as a child each of us brings heaven into the world, only to lose it. If we had not known it, how could we search and seek for it? We can only seek that which we have known before. * A Tree Grows - the difference between morality and an authentic religiousness * Raise No Dust, Leave No Tracks - a discussion of the wholeness of life and the problem of science

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Auteur OSHO
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 19x222x140 mm
Gewicht 110,00 gram
Druk 1
ISBN10 1580632254
ISBN13 9781580632256
Product breedte 140 mm
Product hoogte 19 mm
Product lengte 216 mm

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Categorieën Religie en spiritualiteit > Theologie
Verschijningsjaar 2002 of eerder
Type boek Boek
Bindwijze Paperback

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