The 100-Year Life

Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

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Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton is hoogleraar aan de London Business School en de oprichtster van de Hot Spot Movement. De afgelopen tien jaar zijn er in verschillende bladen waaronder Personnel Today, The Guardian en de Financial Times artikelen over en van haar verschenen. In 2007 werd ze door Human Resources Magazine uitgeroepen tot een van de twee meest invloedrijke mensen op HR-gebied. Op vind je alle boeken van Lynda Gratton, waaronder het nieuwste boek van Lynda Gratton.


More than half of children born in developed countries today have a life expectancy greater than 100 years. While we hear about the looming pension crisis and issues with caring for the aged, this is a transformation for which we are currently ill-prepared – as individuals, companies and governments.

Our traditional three-stage approach to working life - education, work and then retirement - is the reason why so much current government policy is focused on the third stage of retirement. But when life extends, it's not just about the end – it's about the extension of every period within a lifespan. Financially, we can't still plan to retire at 65 if we are going to live on to 100.

The 100 Year Life asks the questions:
- Can our physical and mental health be maintained by such a long second stage of continuous work?
- Can some of the intangible assets that really matter for a productive life – such as family and friends – really be maintained through a non-stop 60-year career?
- Can a working career of 60 years be supported by the skills and knowledge accumulated in the first stage of life?
It also offers some solutions:
- Questioning the norm of jumping straight from education to full-time work.
- Being a job creator rather than a job seeker, or using core skills to create a portfolio career within a variety of jobs.
- Moving with the job market where specialist knowledge, insight and the capacity to work in highly collaborative ways will be more valuable.

The 100 Year Life explains what to expect from our future working life, the choices we will be faced with at any stage of life, and shares ways to make the most of this incredible opportunity to ensure that a longer life is a better life.


Brilliant, timely, original, well written and utterly terrifying. -- Niall Ferguson * Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University * A fascinating and thought-provoking book ... a brilliant read for individuals, but should be mandatory reading for our politicians. -- Shirley Cramer CBE * Chief Executive Officer, Royal Society for Public Health * This timely, important, easy-to-read and intriguing book will make you pause and think, as well as better plan your life ... Gratton and Scott's book is a wake-up call for individuals, organizations, governments and societies. -- Boris Groysberg * Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School * The authors understand implicitly that not only is the world as we know it changing beyond all recognition, but the way we lead our lives too. This book could not be more timely or necessary. -- Julia Hobsbawm * Founder and CEO, Editorial Intelligence Ltd, and Honorary Visiting professor in Networking, Cass Business School * This playfully original book ... makes a compelling case that as our lives become longer and healthier, the future might just be very, very different from what we have known until now. -- Daron Acemoglu * Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology * [This] wonderful new book prepares us for the possibilities of this brave new world of longevity, and teaches us what it will take to thrive in it. -- Professor Herminia Ibarra * INSEAD * Too many books bemoan the economic problems facing ageing societies. This splendid book is quite different ... it should be read by anyone who wants to understand how life chances and choices will be transformed in a world where living beyond 100 will become the norm. -- Lord Adair Turner * Senior research Fellow of the Institute for new Economic Thinking, and previously Chairman of the UK Pensions Commission * To understand how and why things might change, there can be nowhere better to start than with the fascinating The 100-Year Life. -- Baronness Alison Wolf * Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King's College, London *

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    Geschreven bij The 100-Year Life

    Op een heldere manier en vlot geschreven geven de schrijvers uitleg over de impact van de steeds langer levende mens. Niet alleen in financieel opzicht, maar ook vanuit een sociaal perspectief en wat de impact zal zijn op hoe we onze levens inrichten. Aan

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    Erg goed boek, geeft veel nieuwe inzichten. Makkelijk te lezen!

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    Must read over de toekomst van het West-Europees model.

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    Geschreven bij The 100-Year Life

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juni 2016
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Lynda Gratton Andrew Scott
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