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The 21 Proofs of Faith

How to Live a Victorious Christian Life

Auteur: Joseph Kimanzi
Uitgever: Iuniverse
  • Engelstalig
  • 204 pagina's
  • 9781450255844
  • september 2010
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Most christians are have had many struggles concerning faith. There are many who despite believing, wonder whether faith really works. A big number of believers are quietly wondering if God is listening to the cry of their prayers, let alone answering them. As a result of this, they are likely to live many years in doubt, struggle,failure and frustration. This book is not intended to define and explain faith. There are countless volume on the subject of faith. The book is aimed at inspiring and motivating the reader to apply faith in each and every situation in order to achieve great heights of personal victory and sucess in life. The book not only addresses the issue of lack of faith, but also addresses the specific issue of exercising faith. A man may have a mountain moving faith, but if he doesn't exercise it to move any mountain, then that faith would not be profitable to him. Most believers have faith but do not exercise that faith. This is the issue that this book will address. For those struggling with applying faith, it is meant to show how faith works and to convey the message that faith mostly works by action. In this book, the evidence of a working faith is presented in the 21 proofs, which the reader can put into operation in life. These are the The 21 Proofs of faith which have been drawn mainly from the faith chapter of Hebrew 11, and partly Hebrew 12. Unique Selling Proposition For believers who will read The 21 Proofs Of Faith, then they will: Understand that the difference between having faith and exercising faith in life. Be quaranteed a victorious christian life in all aspects of their development Be inspired and motivated to move from comfort zones and take the steps necessary for victory in every challenge and circumstance they face in life. Learn the principles, skills and develop the attitudes that will equip them for success and mastery over situations and circumstances. Be inspired to trust God to provide everything they desire for life and godliness and achieve anything they are destined to accomplish for God. All of the above will be achieved because, the book will: -provide examples of the heroes and heroines of faith as revealed in the Word of God, who accomplished great things for God during their time.-Reveal the dynamics of faith, the beliefs and attitudes to be developed and on how to put faith into action and achieve any desired purpose.-Outline many principles and techniques for success and achievement which the giants of faith applied and which every believer should apply for success in life.-Build up the believers faith and confidence in God do the impossible for them. Overview. The book follows the overall flow of Hebrews 11. Each chapter opens with the "by faith …" declaration from which the theme of the chapter is introduced. Each of the 21 chapters in the book is unique in its theme and outline, with the exeption of a few chapters that convey similar message, but in unique ways. This is the book's unique presentation to the reader. The contents of the 21 chapters are:-Chapter 1: Creating Things Out Of NothingChapter 2: Giving An Excellent Offering Chapter 3: Being Taken Away By The Things Of God Chapter 4: Movement Without Knowing The Destination Chapter 5: Obeying God's Commandments Chapter 6: Dwelling In The Land Of Promise Chapter 7: Conceiving When Past Child -Bearing Age Chapter 8: Offering The Very Best To God Chapter 9: Bestowing Blessing Upon Your Children Chapter 10: Prophesying Of Things To Come Chapter 11: Hiding From The Enemy Chapter 12: Refusing To Be Called By Your Origin Chapter 13: Forsaking The World To Gain Christ Chapter 14: Trusting In The Power Of The Blood Chapter 15: Passing Through The Impassable Chapter 16: Bringing Down Enemy's Strongholds Chapter 17: Escaping From Calamities Chapter 18: Rising Up When You Fall Down Chapter 19: Walking Through The Fire Chapter 20: Facing Goliath Head -On Chapter 21: Faith Is A Race: Are You Fit For The Race? Chapter By Chapter Development Chapter 1: Creating Things Out Of NothingAll visible things begin with an expression of a thought in the mind of man. The teaches believers divine laws and principles for creating things from the invisible realm of the spirit. It reveals that all things have their origin in that which is invisible and that faith is the agency for transforming ideas, thoughts and plans into their physical equivalent. The mind that is rightly tuned to divine sources receives these thoughts and ideas fo rthe benefit of mankind. Chapter 2: Giving An Excellent OfferingThe chapter exhorts believers to have an attitude of giving excellent offering to the Lord because it is moreblessed to give than to receive. There is an offering that God accepts and you cannot just give God anything. When you give, you qualify to receive. In the chapter are the six types of giving that guarantee an increase in return. Chapter 3: Being Taken Away By The Things Of GodTeaches the benefits of living in a close walk with God. When you walk with God, few people can keep pace with you because you take gigantic steps. When you take ordinary steps, you shall accomplish ordinary things, but when you take extra-ordinary steps, you will accomplish extra-ordinary things for God and for your generation.You are not born to be a pace-setter, but to be on the leading pack. This chapter calls upon believers to maintain a close walk with God and to get ready to go places they have never been before. Chapter 4: Movement Without Knowing The DestinationWithout movement, there cannot be improvement and without starting out, you cannot progress. And at times you may begin movement without fully knowing the destination. Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, to move ahead in life, you must take that first step. The chapter encourages belivers to trust and follow God whole-heartedly irrespective of their fears, doubts and unbelief. If you are not moving, God cannot direct you. Chapter 5: Obeying God's CommandmentsGod requires our total obedience because partial obedience is total disobedience. Obedience to God's laws guarantees success and violation of the Law produces failure. For us to function at our best, we must obey the laws given to us by the Creator since we are accountable to Him. We are calle dto total obedience because partial obedience is total disobedience. The chapter concludes by outlining the benefits of obedience. Chapter 6: Dwelling In The Land Of PromiseFaith is dwelling in the promised land despite the presence of giants and strongholds of the enemy. We are called to go in and possess the land of our father as joint-heirs with Christ. It is our father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom. This chapter encourages believers to rise up and take their position in the Kingdom. Chapter 7: Conceiving When Past Child -Bearing AgeMotivates believers by teaching that their productivity is not limited by age at all. At every age or state we you can concieve ideas and products for the benefit of all mankind. The chapter calls upon the Church to be productive and avoid barrenness in life. Since birth promotes growth, it also expouses on 7 actions that are necessary for promotion in life. The chapter concludes with examples of supernatural births that came out of barrenness. Chapter 8: Offering The Very Best To GodGod watches us as we give to Him. All believers are urged to give to God the very best, so that they can receive the very best from Him. When you give all, you receive all and if it costs you nothing, then it it not sacrifice.The chapter teaches how God evaluates the value of the offering by what is left behind. It also teaches on the tithe and the first fruits. Chapter 9: Bestowing Blessing Upon Your ChildrenYou are blessed because God says so and not because you feel it or because you are in need.


Joseph Kimanzi
12x229x152 mm
304,00 gram
september 2010

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