The Art of Creating a Magical Session EBOOK Tooltip Key Elements for Transformative Psychotherapy

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Auteur: Paul J. Leslie
Uitgever: Routledge
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  • 9780429773587
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Recent research has repeatedly confirmed that it is not the technique nor the theory, but the interaction between therapists and clients that creates change in clients. This practical guide outlines the ways in which psychotherapists can find new methods of moving their therapy sessions toward dynamic, healing interactions by shifting away from an overreliance on techniques and theories.

The Art of Creating a Magical Session discusses the key elements needed to create the interaction conditions for transformational therapeutic change to occur. Using a conceptual approach to client transformation, the book draws from a diverse range of sources including indigenous traditions and rituals, as well as the latest research on the common factors that contribute to success in the therapy room. Each chapter focuses on educating and inspiring mental health professionals to easily adapt and apply creative and resourceful approaches to help their own clients begin inner transformations.

With case studies and narratives woven throughout, this accessible guide will support mental health practitioners as they approach their practice in new ways and achieve deeper, and more magical, therapy sessions. It will be valuable reading for psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and counselors.


The Art of Creating a Magical Session is a must read for psychotherapists and counselors who wish to delve beyond clinical effectiveness into the virtually limitless realm of resource directed approaches. From fascinating in-depth studies of the roots of ancient and current healing arts, Paul Leslie outlines key elements for creating imaginative sessions that will deepen therapeutic relationships, address the individual healing needs of clients, and turn therapy sessions into experiences of transformational magic. Bette J. Freedson, LCSW, LICSW, CGP; author of Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother Want to do therapy? A virtual ton of books await you-at last count, some 55,000 currently in print. Want to create transformative experiences that heal? I can only think of a handful of professional resources. Paul Leslie's The Art of Creating a Magical Session is at the top of the list. Scott D. Miller, Ph.D; director, International Center for Clinical Excellence This book is a gem! As the mental health culture finds itself immersed in technique and theory, this book is a breath of fresh air. Beautifully written and full of heart, Paul takes us right into the magical space of what it means to be a healer and how to guide others towards their own inner healer. Through story-telling, ancient wisdom, and sound discussion this book invites us back into the space where deep transformation is birthed, for both client and clinician. Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, author of Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurobiological Approach for Integrating Intensity and Creator of Synergetic Play Therapy Paul Leslie invites us into his fascinating mind, enriched at every step with words from so many wonderful people they're impossible to list. His careful recollections of cases transport us into the wonders of magic in therapy. He shows us the value, importance and healing potential in the surprising, the unexpected, and the wondrous. Paul has made magic almost graspable, leaving me shining with curiosity and my mind wide open to possibility. Richard Hill, co-author of The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands and Managing Editor of The Neuropsychotherapist

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Paul J. Leslie

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Key Elements for Transformative Psychotherapy
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