The Book of Narrative Poetry

Taal: Engels
The Book of Narrative Poetry
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  • 9781408629802
  • oktober 2007
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1937 - CONTENTS PAGE -- H. W. Longfellow I Robert Browning 3 Chas. Kingdey 9 S. T, Coleridge I I Robert L. Stevenson 34 R. Southey 37 W. M. Thackeray 40 WIDDECOMB F E A IR - JUGGLING JERRY G. Meredith THEP RIEST A ND THE MULBERRY TREE I. L. Peacock JOHN GILPIN Wm. Cowper THE BALLAD OF JENNY THE MARE E. I ztzgeraZd PADDY ORAFTI R Samuel Lover THE WELL OF ST. KEYNE Robert Southey MUCKLE-MOUT M H E G Robert Browning THE JACKDAW OF RHEIMS R. H. Barham THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN Rohert Browning v vi Contents PAGE MISST HOMPSO G N O ES SHOPPIN M G artin Armstrong g6 THE WAR SONG OF DINAS VAWR T. L. Peacock I04 Wow THEY B ROUGH T T H E GOOD NEWS FROM GHENT TO AIX Robert Browning 106 BARBARAFR IETCHIE 7. G . Whittier 108 A HIGH TIDE ON THE COAST OF LINCOLNSHIRE Jean Ingelow I I I THE SANDS OF DEE Chas. Kingsley I 17 LOCHINVAR Sir Walter Scott I 18 THE GLOVE AND THE LIONS Leigh Hunt 120 THE HIGHWAYMAN AIJred Noyes 122 HE FELL AMONG THIEVES Sir Henry Newbolt 128 THEB ALLAD O F EAST A ND WEST R udyard K ling 130 HIAWATHASA ILING H. W. LongJllow I 36 GOBLIN MARKET C. Rossetti 141 BERRIES Walter de la Mare 159 LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI John Keats 161 THE FORSAKENM ERMAN Matthew Arnold 163 MORTE DARTHUR Ayred Tennyson 168 . THE FOOLS PRAYER E. Rowland Sill 177 THE BALLAD OF THE GOODLY FERE Ezra Pound 178 THE GIFT OF TRITEMIUS J. G. Whittier 181 THE B ALLAD O F FATHER GILLIGAN W. B. Teats I 82 A DUTCH PICTURE Simon Danz has come home again, From cruising about with his buccaneers He has singed the beard of the King of Spain, And carried away the Dean of Jaen And sold him in Algiers. In his house by the Maese, with its roof of tiles And weathercocks flying aloft in air, There are silver tankards ofantique styles, Plunder of convent and castle, and piles Of carpets rich and rare. In his tulip-garden there by the town, Overlooking the sluggish stream, With his Moorish cap and dressing-gown, The old sea-captain, hale and brown, Walks in a waking dream. A smile in his gray mustachio lurks Whenever he thinks of the King of Spain, And the listed tulips look like Turks, And the silent gardener as he works Is changed to the Dean of Jaen. The windmills on the outermost Verge of the landscape in the haze, To him are towers on the Spanish coast, With whiskered sentinels at their post, Though this is the river Maese. I 2 Narrative Poetry But when the winter rains begin, He sits and smokes by the blazing brands, And old seafaring men come in, Goat-bearded, gray, and with double chin, And rings upon their hands. They sit there in the shadow and shine Of the flickering fire of the winter night Figures in colour and design Like those of Rembrandt of the Rhine Half darkness and half light. And they talk of ventures lost or won, And their talk is ever and ever the same, While they drink e red wine of Tarragon, From the cellars some Spanish Don, Or convent set on flame. Restless at times with heavy strides He paces his parlour to and fro He is like a ship that at anchor rides, And swings with the rising and falling tides, And tugs at her anchor-tow. Voices mysterious far and near, Sound of the wind and sound of the sea, Are calling and whispering in his ear, Simon Danz Why stayest thou here Come forth and follow me So he thinks he shall take to the sea again For one more cruise with his buccaneers, TO singe the beard of the King of Spain, And capture another Dean of Jaen And sell him in Algiers. hH. W. LONGFELLOW...



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John R. Crossland
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