The Book Of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path To Freedom

Creating Your Own Path to Freedom

The Book Of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path To Freedom


Auteur: Osho

Uitgever: Harmony

  • Engelstalig
  • 278 pagina's
  • 9780307336941
  • februari 2006
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The path to freedom is filled with questions and uncertainty. Is it possible to truly know who we are? Do our lives have a purpose, or are we just accidental? What are we meant to contribute? What are we meant to become, to create, and to share? In The Book of Understanding, Osho, one of the most provocative thinkers of our time, challenges us to understand our world and ourselves in a new and radical way. The first step toward understanding, he says, is to question and doubt all that we have been taught to believe.

All our lives we’ve been handed so-called truths by countless others—beliefs we learned to accept without reason. It is only in questioning our beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices that we can begin to uncover our own unique voice and heal the divisions within us and without.

Once we discover our authentic self, we can embrace all aspects of the human experience—from the earthy, pleasure-loving qualities that characterize Zorba the Greek to the watchful, silent qualities of Gautam the Buddha. We can become whole and live with integrity, able to respond with creativity and compassion to the religious, political, and cultural divides that currently plague our society.

In this groundbreaking work, Osho identifies, loosens, and ultimately helps to untie the knots of fear and misunderstanding that restrict us—leaving us free to discover and create our own individual path to freedom.

Doubt—because doubt is not a sin, it is the sign of your intelligence.

You are not responsible to any nation, to any church, to any God. You are responsible only for one thing, and that is self-knowledge. And the miracle is, if you can fulfill this responsibility, you will be able to fulfill many other responsibilities without any effort. The moment you come to your own being, a revolution happens in your vision. Your whole outlook about life goes through a radical change. You start feeling new responsibilities—not as something to be done, not as duty to be fulfilled, but as a joy to do. —OSHO

From the Hardcover edition.


Auteur Osho
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 0x0x0 mm
Gewicht 253,00 gram
Verschijningsdatum februari 2006
Druk 1
ISBN10 0307336948
ISBN13 9780307336941

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Categorieën Lichaam & Geest > Esoterie & Spiritualiteit
Verschijningsvorm Hardcover
Uitvoering Boek
Verschijningsjaar 2006

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