The Clean Coder

A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

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  • 9780137081073
  • mei 2011
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Robert C. Martin

Robert Cecil Martin (colloquially known as Uncle Bob) is an American software engineer and author. He is a co-author of the Agile Manifesto. He now runs a consulting firm called Uncle Bob Consulting LLC and Clean Coders which hosts videos based on his experiences and books.

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Robert C. Martin reveals the disciplines, techniques, tools, and practices that separate software craftsmen from mere "9-to-5" programmers

  • One of the world's most respected programmers takes software craftsmanship to the next level, answering hard questions about what it really means to be a craftsman

  • Useful advice on how to code, refactor, test, estimate, manage time, and learn

  • By the legendary "Uncle Bob," who helped launch the Agile movement and wrote Software Development's influential "Craftsmanship" column

Programming languages and development platforms burst into fashion, and then fade away. Software paradigms briefly dominate, then shift. Methodologies are debated religiously, agreed upon - and soon scrapped altogether. It's no wonder that application development has a high rate of turnover and burnout. Programmers who endure and succeed amidst swirling uncertainty have one thing in common: they all care deeply about the practice of creating software. They treat it as a craft. In this much-anticipated new book, software legend Robert C. Martin explains why programmers should care about their jobs, how organizations can foster the type of environment that allows programmers to succeed, and what it means for individual software developers to truly work as craftsmen. The Clean Coder goes beyond "values and attitudes" to fully document the specific disciplines, techniques, tools, and practices that successful software craftsmen share in common. Throughout his 40-year career at the forefront of movements ranging from agile and extreme programming to object-oriented development, "Uncle Bob" has consistently been a voice of practical common sense and enduring wisdom. He has now written a book that every aspiring and ascending software craftsman can use: to write better software, and to gain greater personal fulfillment in doing so.


Uncle Bob' Martin definitely raises the bar with his latest book. He explains his expectation for a professional programmer on management interactions, time management, pressure, on collaboration, and on the choice of tools to use. Beyond TDD and ATDD, Martin explains what every programmer who considers him- or herself a professional not only needs to know, but also needs to follow in order to make the young profession of software development grow. -Markus Gartner Senior Software Developer it-agile GmbH Some technical books inspire and teach; some delight and amuse. Rarely does a technical book do all four of these things. Robert Martin's always have for me and The Clean Coder is no exception. Read, learn, and live the lessons in this book and you can accurately call yourself a software professional. -George Bullock Senior Program Manager Microsoft Corp. If a computer science degree had required reading for after you graduate,' this would be it. In the real world, your bad code doesn't vanish when the semester's over, you don't get an A for marathon coding the night before an assignment's due, and, worst of all, you have to deal with people. So, coding gurus are not necessarily professionals. The Clean Coder describes the journey to professionalism . . . and it does a remarkably entertaining job of it. -Jeff Overbey University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Clean Coder is much more than a set of rules or guidelines. It contains hard-earned wisdom and knowledge that is normally obtained through many years of trial and error or by working as an apprentice to a master craftsman. If you call yourself a software professional, you need this book. -R. L. Bogetti Lead System Designer Baxter Healthcare

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  • Een must-read voor alle professionele software ontwikkelaars
    • State-of-the art
    • Heldere uitleg

    Uncle Bob maakt heel duidelijk wiens verantwoordelijkheid het is om nette code op te leveren en wat het inhoud om je als een professioneel software ontwikkelaar te gedragen.

    Helder, confronterend en waar.

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  • Gedrag voor een professionele programmeur
    • Toegankelijk
    • Heldere uitleg
    • misleidende titel

    Het boek beschrijft hoe je je als een correcte professional moet gedragen in de ICT. hierbij wordt onder anderen verteld hoe je nee moet zeggen tegen aanvullende eisen in een project en andere methodes om je professioneel op testellen. Let wel dat in dit boek niet wordt verteld hoe je clean moet coderen. dat wordt in het voorgaande boek clean code, van de zelfde schrijver, beschreven. Er is ook een hoofdstuk gewijd aan Test driven development. Alle hoofdstukken worden uitgelegd met voorbeelden van Robert C. Martin leven. Welke een goeie visualisatie geven van bepaalde problemen. Vervolgens wordt uitgelegd hoe deze problemen opgelost kunnen worden.

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  • Must read voor iedere programmeur

    Leuke anekdotes van Robert zelf, maakt zijn verhaal levendig. Van apprentice naar master, hoe wordt (en blijf) je een professional.

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mei 2011
1e druk
23,2 x 1 x 1,4 cm
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256 pagina's


Robert C. Martin
Pearson Education (Us)


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Martin:The Clean Coder _p1



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A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

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