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  • november 2009
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* Best-Seller in the Playboy Catalog

Now you can make your wildest fantasies come true...Hundreds of sure-fire techniques that will literally have beautiful, sexy women begging for your attention...and who knows what else! Even if you're the shyest, most ordinary-looking guy in the room, warm, willing women will be standing in line to meet you! My 20 years of successful seductions guarantee it!

If your lifelong dream is to have sexy women beating a path to your door, then I have good news for you! Now you'll probably find this hard to believe, but learning how to score with one desirable woman after another is easier than you think, as long as you know the secret weapons that drive them wild. What I'm about to tell you are proven and very easy ways for any guy to meet and really get to know any woman! Believe me, when I tell you that this is not theory and it's not just a lot of idle, macho B.S. either!

I've been using these techniques for years and loving every encounter. And I'm no hunk, I'm just your normal average run-of-the-mill guy, but no matter where I go I always manage to have my pick of the sweetest, sexiest women anywhere.

A Few Techniques I've Learned Over the Years:
  • Confidence-building techniques that will have you off the sidelines and scoring night after night.

  • A fail proof method that is guaranteed to have women begging to meet you.

  • How to break down the resistance of any woman and make her do things she never imagined and love every minute of it.

  • Prime time locations, where ready and willing single women go to meet men.

  • 14 proven methods to help you overcome your shyness with women and fear of rejection.

  • How to enhance your own sex appeal and actually make women smolder with desire for you.

  • How to recognize distinctive female body language that signals she wants you to pick her up.

  • And much, much more!

  • So, if you'd like to imagine yourself in a room full of hot & sexy single women and having the pick of the lot, then I have the secrets that can make that fantasy come true for you...or any other you might have. No kidding! All of my most powerful (yet easy to use methods are here), including the never before revealed, ''Mirror Technique'' to seduce women. Nothing, absolutely nothing has been left out.

    And believe me when I tell you that it is possible for the most drop-dead beautiful single women to find you attractive. Haven't you ever seen average-looking guys with stunning centerfold type women and wondered what their secret was! Well you don't have to wonder anymore, because my book strips away the mystery.

    You Will Also Learn:
  • Foolproof methods to get her into your apartment, including how to use astrology to seduce her.

  • How to become a commanding force that overwhelms women and places them under your total domination. Instantly! Before they can catch their breath, the game is over. And you have won!

  • Step-by-step procedure on how to seduce women on the dance floor.

  • How to use mental telepathy to make women do anything you mentally command them to do.

  • How to successfully flirt with women.

  • Why you don't have to be rich or good-looking to pick women up.

  • The 13 different types of women you will encounter in nightclubs and which ones to pursue and which ones to not waste your time on.

  • And much, much more!

  • Today the choice is all yours. Either you can sit around waiting for women to approach you...or use the surefire techniques in this book to take control of your love life once and for all. I've designed a personal game plan for you to meet and pick up women that works. The rest is up to you. Please click Buy Now button.



    november 2009
    Ebook formaat
    Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


    Don Diebel
    Gemini Publishing Company

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