The Complete Robot

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The complete collection of Isaac Asimov's classic Robot stories. In these stories, Asimov creates the Three Laws of Robotics and ushers in the Robot Age - when Earth is ruled by master-machines and when robots are more human than mankind. The Complete Robot is the ultimate collection of timeless, amazing and amusing robot stories from the greatest science fiction writer of all time, offering golden insights into robot thought processes. Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were programmed into real computers thirty years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - with suprising results. Readers of today still have many surprises in store...

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De volledige collectie van klassieke Robot verhalen van Isaac Asimov's. In deze verhalen, Asimov schept de drie wetten van de robotica en bodes in de Robot Age - wanneer de aarde wordt geregeerd door meester-machines en wanneer robots zijn menselijker dan de mensheid. De totale robot is de ultieme verzameling van tijdloze, verbazingwekkend en amusant robot verhalen uit de grootste science fiction schrijver aller tijden, het aanbieden van gouden inzichten in robot denkprocessen. Asimov's drie wetten van de robotica werden geprogrammeerd in real computers dertig jaar geleden aan het Massachusetts Institute of Technology - met verrassende resultaten. Lezers van vandaag de dag nog steeds vele verrassingen in petto ...

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  • A collection of Asimov’s robot short stories

    ‘The Complete Robot’ is a collection of robot short stories written by Asimov between the 1940s and the 1970s. Supposedly it is the most complete collection of Asimov’s robot stories on the market today, wholly comprising amongst others the earlier collections ‘I Robot’, ‘Rest of the Robots’ as well as some previously unreleased material. This book is one that requires some time to grow on you. At the beginning the stories are very short, disjoint and often without much in the way of plot. These are mostly anecdotes that serve as case studies of man, robot, their perception of each other and the unexpected dilemmas this can give rise to, although Asimov usually does not attempt to supply them with any definite answers. Later on, in particular in those parts pertaining to Powell & Donovan and Susan Calvin the stories gain more substance and a common timeline and set of characters starts to emerge. These are the stories where Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are investigated in great detail in all their possible consequences and interpretations. The stories in this omnibus are interesting to a varying degree and some may appear somewhat meaningless at times or, with the current state of technology, a little bit obsolete. However, if one considers that many of these stories were written more than half a century ago it should be no problem to understand why Asimov has become such an influential figure in robot literature and even the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

    ‘The Complete Robot’ is best appreciated if it is read concomitantly with Asimov’s other work. In particular it would serve as a wonderful introduction to his ‘The Robot’ series (starting with ‘Caves of Steel’). People that are after more robot-dystopian literature are also referred to e.g. ‘Mockingbird’ by Walter S Tevis or ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ by Philip K Dick.

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  • complete robot

    Dit boek is een must voor iedereen die geinteresseerd is in de robot verhalen of wil beginnen met de Foundation series van Asimov. Samen met deze verzameling robot verhalen beslaat de serie nu 18 boeken. Geweldig dus als je na een boek vaak denkt: 'Jammer dat ik 'm al uit heb'.

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Isaac Asimov
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