The Convent School; Or, Early Experiences of a Young Flagellant (ANNOTATED) EBOOK

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  • april 2020
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The Brief summary of the ebook is as follows

"Let this be a solemn warning to you, Miss Lucille," he continued, "but I'm afraid all my efforts for your reformation are quite thrown away upon such worthless baggage," cutting away still more furiously, and as I turned my head to scream and implore for mercy, I could see how excited he was over the business with flushed face and sparkling eyes; he was a fine handsome man of about forty-five, and gave me the idea of looking as if in the midst of a tremendous battle. The nun who was called Serena now placed a long stool in the middle of the apartment and made me lie on it full-length face downwards, then I felt her cold busy hands as they turned up my clothes, and opened my drawers behind, till my bottom was left naked to the attack of the Lady Superior. Soon their footsteps died away in the corridor, and after waiting some time, till I felt sure every pupil must be again asleep if the going round should have awakened them, I crept out of bed, and providing myself with some pins and a strong piece of cord, was soon at the bedside of the treacherous girl I wanted to serve out; my first act was to quietly pass my cord around her, outside the small bed, so that I could suddenly draw it tight and secure her a helpless victim in my power then suddenly stuffing the bedclothes into her mouth before she could scream out, ordered her in a rough whisper to keep quiet or I would kill her; it was too dark to see her terrified face, but she shuddered all over, and seemed as if her very blood was chilled, so cold did she seem to my touch. The very next day after I thought the letter was gone, the old nun, Serena, fetched me into a dull gloomy room, which I had never been in before, but at once rightly judged to be a punishment chamber, when I saw a high whipping post, made of a square beam, set upright in the floor, with two rings near the top on each side, by which to tie up the victim; a birch rod was hanging on the wall, and two scourges with long things lay upon a seat at one end, but I had no time for further observation, as the Superior seemed to follow us into the room almost immediately. He was such a handsome fellow, and my gratitude was so gushing that at the moment I could have refused him nothing, and was delighted by the way he lingered over a kiss, he would insist upon as his due, my whole soul seemed to leap towards the generous fellow, and tears of disappointment stood in my eyes when he was gone. Thus pressed, and feeling but a full confession would avail me with the Confessor, I told him everything, and especially how sorry I felt at having allowed my pique at the Earl's neglect to have carried me into such a liaison, and that the tender regard he had lately exhibited towards me smote me to the quick for my unfaithfulness, and that that was the reason I had so given way to lasciviousness with him, in order to compensate, by the perfect abandon of my love, for any suspicions he might entertain. His rude hand was passed under my bottom, between my legs, and as I covered my face with my hands, I could feel his fingers invade every secret spot in turn, even to forcing a digit up the fundamental orifice, which is always so tight and difficult of the entrance, saying, as he did so: "Did you let him go there, or has your husband ever sodomized your bum-hole. My agony was so intense that I could only gasp and sigh, the strength I had none, he seemed beside himself with rage, but at last, dropped his scourge, and throwing open his frock in front I could feel his rampant pego thrusting towards my mount, and am sure he spent on my drawers outside before he could get into me; this he soon effected, and taking my buttocks up in his strong embrace, he fucked furiously, swaying me about with my arms still tied up by the rope; but I forgot all that, his motions within me took away all feeling of pain, and I believe much as I loathed him and felt humiliated by all his dreadful treatment that I actually spent copiously when I felt his hot sperm shooting into and soothing my overheated cunt. They kept me in the same chamber, where I had been so outraged, the two nuns nursing,—bathing my bruises, and using soothing injections to allay the inflammations of my privates, till, on the third day, they said I was so far recovered that my Confessors might finish the prescribed penance, adding, with a malicious smile, "We saw everything last time, and so we shall now, through our peepholes; how delicious the sight was last time, and we had such frigging and dildo fucks after it was all over. I was almost too far gone to do more than moan, and Father Anthony suggested that I ought to be well lashed over my neck, shoulders, and bosom, to make me speak out, but the other seeing how exhausted I really was, restrained his mad fury, and then after waiting for a little one of them would give me a terrible cut, and ask the other to see the beautiful effects of it as I swayed about in agony; this was done again and again, till after a time the scourges were thrown aside, and the rope being lowered I was allowed to lay on the floor for a little while, and some cordial was again administered to refresh me, my tormentors sitting down and frigging themselves openly before my face, till in the act of spending they would stand over me so that I might be thoroughly humiliated by having all their spendings drop on my face, neck, or head, as I was still secured to the floor by my wrists. Presently, at a sign from Francisco, his companion hoisted me up by the ankle again, and did it so tightly that I was frightfully stretched by my arms and leg; which were drawn as painfully tight as he could make it, the fastenings cutting into the flesh so that I bear the marks to this very day, I could see that Francisco was again preparing his godemiche with oil, but he did not put any upon my person. This lasted a little while, then I was made to get up on my hands and knees, facing Francisco, who then opened his frock, so as to show me the excited state of his prick, at the same time, with a malicious look of fiendish joy, he asked me, "If I should not like to suck such a delightful sweetmeat. We spent the night together at his hotel, although scarcely fourteen days since I was so fearfully outraged, how we fucked all night and swam in sensual pleasures for hours, I would deny him nothing, was he not my champion, who was going to risk his life in the morning to avenge my fearful wrongs, and to make him still more earnest in his desire for vengeance, I stripped naked, let him examine every part, where the marks of the bruises and lacerations were still visible; my cunt he sucked, kissed and fucked till I was beside myself with excitement, and he was also ready for anything, then my poor bum-hole attracted his attention, he kissed and put his tongue into it, till I was eager to have him there, and begged he would put his prick in gently at first for fear of hurting me too much; this was a heavenly finish to our night of love; we swam in delight, never before or since have I tasted voluptuous joy to equal that enculade.



april 2020
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Adobe ePub


Rosa Belinda Coote
Rosa Belinda Coote

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