The Downfall of the Netherlands

Land of the Naive Fools

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  • april 2017
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In the year 1990, when the rest of the world was fast asleep, oblivious to the dangers of Islam, and figures like Geert Wilders and Marie le Pen were still un-germinated seeds, a Dutch Muslim immigrant had already written a book, under the pseudonym Mohamed Rasoel, warning Europeans about the dangers that come with the open-door immigration policy.Immediately upon its publication, the book created a firestorm, making it the most discussed issue in the country (TV, newspapers and magazines), as reprints of the book sold out within days, until the left-wing government panicked and banned the book.The author went into hiding under police protection, but was taken to court by the Anne Frank Foundation, charged with discrimination, and fined 4000 dollars.Many years later, in 2003, a language professor, T.A. van Dijk, who did a thorough research into the book, wrote a 250 pages book, arguing that the book had not been written by Rasoel, but by a highly respected writer Gerrit Komrij, who in return wrote a 40 pages book, denying the accusations and taking van Dijk to court.The book gained further popularity when, in 2007, the Dutch right-wing party leader Geert Wilders proposed to the parliament that the book be distributed in all secondary schools.Since then, many other authors have also referred to its contents, in books such as Western Europe and its Islam, Defeating Eurabia, and Difference Diffidence Threat. About the contents: with almost every prediction in the book having come true, the author warns that immigrants arrive carrying the same mentality that created the situations they fled from in the first place, only to recreate the same situations in Europe.Furthermore, the book proposes that the outcome of the volatile situation in Europe can either be a civil war, or the sacrificing of parts of Europe and bestowing them to the Muslims.Although the book refers mainly to the Netherlands, it applies to other European countries as well, of course.It is amazing though how everything being said today about Islam had already been said three decades ago, along with many other amazing arguments that people haven't yet considered.This book was translated from Dutch to English, without the authorization of the author, whose whereabouts and true identity are still a mystery.



april 2017
Aantal pagina's
122 pagina's



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Land of the Naive Fools

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