The End and the Beginning
Auteur: Jim Oleson
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781432761202
  • augustus 2010
  • 316 pagina's
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The End and the Beginning is a story of early 19th century America that weaves an accurate history of the period with real and fictional characters into a novel of adventure and suspense where historical events are vividly presented in the narrative, dialogue and journals of its many characters. It describes through the experiences of the determined but desperate chief Tecumseh the End of the Native American civilization on the Northwest frontier. Captured in the narrative and through the adventures of many of the books characters is the work of the early abolitionists who protect runaway slaves from the violent and determined slave catchers and fosters the Beginning of the anti slavery movement and eventual overthrow of the slave culture of the south.
Jim Morgan who, at the age eleven is living alone in the dense and virgin forests of southeastern Ohio to escape the murderous wrath of his alcoholic stepfather. He is helped by Wild Bird an Indian shaman who protects Jim and teaches him the ways of the forest and of her language and culture. One day he meets General Jonathon McGuire a revolutionary war hero, successful farmer and strident abolitionist who welcomes Jim into his extended family. He grows up in an idyllic and protected world where hard work and education builds his character and a mutual affection with Anna an indentured servant develops.
Jim's world is torn apart when the general on his death bed instructs him, now 18 to go north to enlist in the American Army to fight the British and its Indian allies in the early months of the war of 1812. On his trip north through the wilds of Ohio he is befriended by Tecumseh the great Shawnee chief who is traveling to Canada to lead the Indian alliance against the Americans. Jim is also exposed to dangers as he reluctantly saves Labithia a runaway slave from Lucas Williams a determined and brutal slave hunter. He eventually arrives at the American encampment on the Maumee River and enlists in the US army. He is immediately involved in the River Raisin massacre, is wounded and captured. He survives, escapes and returns to the US Army at Ft. Meigs. Using his skill as a marksman he builds a reputation as a killer of British Officers and plays a role in the death of Tecumseh. Jim however has a difficult time with the routines and demands of military life and as the war ends in the west he requests and receives an early discharge.
He eagerly returns to the farm and his friends and hopes to recapture the wistful life of his youth and reconnect with Anna. He encounters new threats and the farm on the verge of destruction. Virginia the Generals daughter has left the farm and her husband Joshua an abusive angry and resentful man has taken over the once prosperous enterprise and with a small band of slave hunters and ruffians he is destroying the farm. Joshua and his gang are supported by corrupt bank officials to whom the farm is heavily mortgaged and who plan to foreclose so they can gain the valuable coal deposits to fuel the developing steamboat trade on the Ohio River.
Jim now older and wiser man assumes responsibility for saving the farm and protecting his friends, particularly Labithia who has been recaptured by Lucas Williams. With the help of Anna he rescues labithia and challenges Joshua, the slave catchers and the bankers in a series of dangerous and exciting encounters.
The novel travels through historical moments large and small and has cameo appearances of historical figures that contribute to the telling of the story.



augustus 2010
Aantal pagina's
316 pagina's


Jim Oleson
Outskirts Press



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