The Extreme Future EBOOK Tooltip The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the Next 20 Years

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Auteur: James Canton
Uitgever: Plume
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781101213490
  • september 2006
  • Adobe ePub
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James Canton

James Canton, Ph.D. is a renowned global futurist, author, keynote presenter, and sought-after business advisor. He is known for his accurate and bold forecasts about the future. Dr. Canton is chairman and CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, an internationally recognized San Francisco–based think tank that advises Fortune 1000 and government clients. He has served on advisory boards at MIT’s Media Lab and Motorola, and is a fellow at the Knowledge and Innovation Network at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.


Dr. James Canton, a renowned futurist, CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, and Fortune 1000 advisor, charts a course to steer you through the volatile changes that lie 5, 10, and 20 years ahead. The Extreme Future is this generation's Future Shock, Alvin Toffler's classic book on what's next and how to prepare for tomorrow.

Get ready for fast, radical and complex change. Get ready for the Extreme Future. Our world is constantly buffeted by new and dramatic changes that we can't fully grasp. No one is fully prepared for the challenges, crises and risks that lie ahead. The Extreme Future is a blueprint for what's next and how to navigate these changes.

An advisor to three White House's spanning more than 30 years, Dr. Canton challenges us that with the right information about future trends it is possible to identify probable outcomes. It is possible, with the right information to navigate the Extreme Future.

The book covers the following major trends:

  • How climate change and energy trends will reshape the planet

  • How shifting population trends will transform the workforce

  • How radical innovation trends will competitively drive business

  • How astounding medicine trends will enhance people's life

  • How dangerous terrorism trends will threaten the individual.

  • How the rise of China will bring on a new global power struggle

The answers to these questions are not only available, but contained within these pages. The Extreme Future is the forecasting handbook for the twenty-first century.


Lots of folks talk about the future. Dr. James Canton's The Extreme Future takes you there, outlining in vivid detail the top trends transforming society and the marketplace. This book is visually stunning and beautifully organized. If you care about the future--and who can afford not to?--this book is for you. --Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism Dr. Canton's account of the future of healthcare is chilling... not because his vision is fearsome, but because his predictions are fast becoming fact. --Terry Fassburg, Vice President, Brand Communications, Philips Electronics This book is your essential guide to the future. It is an insightful, straightforward, clear view into the amazing and surprising future that is closing in on us fast. It is essential reading to understand the revolutionary impact on business and beyond. --Toby Redshaw, Corporate Vice President, I.D.E.A.S., Motorola Canton's optimistic prescription for a successful global future comes as a refreshing change from the often dismal reports alive in the world. Canton's intelligence, wit, and passion readily found in the numerous talks he gives worldwide comes through in his prose. --Barbara A. Propes, President, World Affairs Councils of America Canton does a great job identifying the top trends that will shape our future. If you want to prepare for the Extreme Future, read this book. --Rudy Burger, CEO & Chairman, U.S. Development Partners Canton's background in future-planning consultancy began when he studied under Alvin Toffler in the 1970s--and it shows in this big-picture take on the world of tomorrow. Taken individually, none of the trends Canton believes will shape the upcoming decades are surprising: major crises brought on by energy shortages and climate change; economic transformation wrought by globalization; and the 'war on terror' has barely started. But he recognizes that the future is created by a 'convergence' in which these developments interact... His lively scenarios are designed to spark debates, and they surely will. --Publishers Weekly A forecasting road map for the twenty-first century that includes 10 top trends of the extreme future. These trends are the critical role of energy; information technology and networks; biotechnology; the manipulation of matter at the atomic scale (producing new drugs, fuels, materials, and machines); and the use of devices, drugs, and materials to heal and enhance mental performance... Canton is optimistic about the future and believes Americans in general are, too... Important and fascinating perspective! --Booklist

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James Canton

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The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the Next 20 Years
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