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Auteur: H. G. Wells
Taal: Engels
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Uitgever: Aeterna Classics
Co-auteur: Wells
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9783963766367
  • mei 2018
  • 256 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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H. G. Wells


Born Herbert George Wells in Kent in 1866, H. G. Wells was an outspoken socialist and pacifist, whose works caused some controversy. He is more widely known as a science fiction writer for the novels that he published between 1895 and 1901: The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, When the Sleeper Wakes and The First Men in the Moon. All, except for When the Sleeper Wakes, have been made into films.

Along with Jules Verne, H. G. Wells is also known as 'the Father of Science Fiction'.

His later novels were more realistic and he wrote many genres, including contemporary novels, history and social commentary.

H. G. Wells died in 1946.

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What happens when science tampers with nature? A riveting, cautionary tale with disastrous results reveals the chilling answer. Hoping to create a new growth agent for food with beneficial uses to mankind, two scientists find that the spread of the material is uncontrollable. Giant chickens, rats, and insects run amok, and children given the food stuffs experience incredible growth--and serious illnesses. Over the years, people who have eaten these specially treated foods find themselves unable to fit into a society where ignorance and hypocrisy rule. These ''giants,'' with their extraordinary mental powers, find themselves shut away from an older, more traditional society. Intolerance and hatred increase as the line of distinction between ordinary people and giants is drawn across communities and families. One of H. G. Wells' lesser-known works, The Food of the Gods has been retold many times in many forms since it was first published in 1904. The gripping, newly relevant tale combines fast-paced entertainment with social commentary as it considers the ethics involved in genetic engineering.

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mei 2018
Aantal pagina's
256 pagina's
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


H. G. Wells H.G. Wells
H.G. Wells
Aeterna Classics

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