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  • augustus 2010
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The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box

What your father didn't tell you and your mother didn't know

Successful. Beautiful. Intelligent. Yet a satisfying relationship eludes Debra Hampton. At thirty-five years old, she can't figure out why her philosophy on men—and what they want from women—isn't working. She's trapped in a cycle of shattered relationships, until a friend refers her to a relationship guru. After some resistance, Debra finds refuge in his counsel as he helps her navigate through the storms of rejection and failed love. Once he reveals the error of her ways, will Debra master the forbidden secrets to attract her soul mate or continue to keep love at bay?

All eyes are on you as you make slow orchestrated steps toward the altar. The splendor of your tailored gown is magnified by the beaded embellishments. Your hair and makeup; perfect. The eloquently arrayed bouquet of fresh-cut flowers bombards your senses. For a brief moment, you stop, close your eyes, inhale the fragrance. The pianist seems to stroke the keys in sync with your racing heart. You open your eyes and gaze down the aisle to see the groom poised, ready to meet his bride. A full smile washes across your face, steadies your breathing. As you walk toward him, acknowledging each friend and family member with a glance, slight grin and head nod, you whisper a prayer to the Lord.

"Father, I thank You for this beautiful day. Everything is coming together as planned; even the weather is perfect. I ask Your grace upon this union that it may flourish. I have one question: When will it be my turn as bride? I'm happy for my girl, but… I'm tired of being alone, crying myself to sleep. Smiling at every man I meet, hoping; praying that he's the one. I love my nieces and nephews, but I'm ready to be a mother. The official has shot the gun to start the foot race and I'm stuck in the blocks watching my girlfriends run ahead with husbands in tow. Why am I still single? What is it about me that keeps me on this side of matrimony?"

Limousines, receiving lines and head tables! Phooey!

Had enough of being a hostess, bridesmaid or maid of honor?

Let me be bold, blunt and to-the-point on something most men would never dare tell a woman: you have more power to have men eating out of the palm of your hand than you realize. However, when it boils down to it either you know The Forbidden SECRETS of the Goody Box or you don't. And most women don't have a clue as to how to utilize the power they already posses. If that describes you, then don't worry because it's not your fault! You've just never been taught the TRUTH about what men really CRAVE in a woman and it requires VERY LITTLE EFFORT on your part!

Now I have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news: What I'm going to unveil in my new Why He Left You for Her Workshop will make a lot of the wrong kind of men VERY upset! The good news: They are going to be upset because I will peel back the curtain and reveal to YOU all of the SECRETS you were never given about men.

You will discover:

Three things that lead you to make terrible relationship decisions

Every man's private marriage checklist

A simple two-letter word that makes him want to pop the question

Why he just won't propose

Little signs that tell you he's the one

Advice from men you'd be crazy not to take



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Valerie J Lewis Coleman
Smashwords Edition

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