The Gates of the Soul of Man Metaphysical Tablets, Alchemical Poetry, and Transcendental-Esoteric Art Images for the Coming of the Sixth Race of Ma

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The Gates of the Soul of Man
Auteur: Onbekend
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  • 9781483636016
  • mei 2013
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The actual Alchemical Metaphysical Tablets and Esoteric-Transcendental Artwork Images have to be perceived with an open mind and total lack of inherited prejudice. The written words contain cryptogrammic-gnostic meanings that will unlock the subconscious mind of the Seeker for Eternal Truth and penetrate into the very marrow of the Individuated Consciousness-Soul Unit. The Etheric Winds of Destiny from the City of Shamballah of Agartha are already blowing and entering through the Gates of the East this world of unspoken Darkness, Suffering, Cruelty, Illusion, Madness, and Evilhood. At the end of this century, the conscious Duality of Existence will begin to shift to the Oneness in the beating hearts of the Old Incarnated Souls. They are those who will guide the peoples of the coming Sixth Race of Man after the prophesized Apocalypse (the cosmic and earthly cataclysm of the nuclear World War Three). There are no mesmeric powers in the words of the Tablets and images of the Transcendental Christogramic artworks. And yet, their invisible vibrations will permeate and adapt to the beating heart of the ones that are hungry for spiritual food. The misleading thoughts and feelings of the Present will become the memories of the Past, while the future will descend into the Flesh of our Present. The uttering and reading of the alphabetical words of the Alchemical Tablets will unite the one´s mind with the flaming Inner Fire of the Soul. That is the beginning of the flesh-and-blood Legacy of the Flame of the Ages, the forgotten Mission of your ancestors, the Immortals of Attlan. They begot themselves throughout the Aeons of Creation from the Flower of Life of Ammenti. They were not born. They implanted the Primordial Seed of countless Star-Races into the ground of Space-Time of All-Aeons of Creation. Their Kings-Priests of Divine Wisdom were the Manus of the Yore of Times. Their Priestesses and High Priestesses of the Inner Sun were the Daughters of the Lotus-Flower of Life of Ammenti of the Cosmic Mother-Stars. Alike many races from other countless galactic worlds of the Mother-Stars, we are the main-stream progeny of the Immortals of Attlan. The Noble Ancestors of Attlan were the originators of the esoteric sciences of Alchemy, Metaphysics, Cosmogony, Yoga, Transcendental Space-Time Reading, Astral Levitation, and Sacred Vision (Perception) of the Third Eye that have been perpetuated throughout Aeons and Eras of Creation. They were the Enlightened Knowers of the Great Mysteries dwelling in our invisible Inner Being, the microcosms-Image of the Infinite-Eternal Universe-Creation. All the Religions and Philosophies of the Ages have blossomed and grown out of their Gnostic Tree of Life planted in the Cycles of Consciousness of Creation. The Atlanteans, one of the last Aeonian Descendants of the Immortals of Attlan, could perceive through the Past and Future, throughout all the begotten and un-begotten Eternities of Existence until the end of the present Creation-Universe. The Ancient Ones of Attlan initiated and perpetuated the Mystical Rituals whose creational purpose was and is the development and evolution of the Individuated Mind-Soul-Consciousness of the Being of Man. The Mystical-Alchemical Rituals contain the essential Inner Knowing, the Gnostic Essence of the Laws of Creation, Space, Consciousness, Soul-Spirit, Purity of Life, Incarnation, Cosmic Forces, Divine Elements, and Spheres of Life. The containing Tablets, Tablets-Prayers, and Transcendental-Esoteric Artwork Images are the humble beginning of the Mystical Rituals delivered during the long-time ESO-EXO-TERIC communication with the Higher Beings of Light during the practice of Cosmic Yoga and Sacred Visions (Perceptions) of the Third Eye (Sixth Astral Sphere of Life) of our Inner Selves. The etheric gemstones of the lyric Tablets and Esoteric Christogramic Images reveal the Mysteries of the Infinite Creation, Spirit, and Ensouled Flesh. According to the Aeonian



mei 2013
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72 pagina's
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