The German Empire (1867-1914) And The Unity Movement - Volume II

The German Empire (1867-1914) And The Unity Movement - Volume II
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  • maart 2007
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GERMAN EMPIRE 18671914 AND THE UNITY MOVEMENT BY WILLIAM HARBUTT DAWSON Author of The Evolution of Modern Germany, Germany and the Germans, Municipal Life and Government in Germany, etc., etc. IN TWO VOLUMES VOLUME II gotfe THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 1919 All rights reserved COPYRIGHT, 1919 BY THE MACMILLAN COMPANY Set up and electrotyped. Published, May, 1919 CONTENTS OF CHAPTERS CHAPTER XIII 1879-1887 PROTECTION AND FISCAL REFORM Protection a National Tradition, 1 The Customs Union, 2 The Free Trade Movement, 3 Causes of the Return to Protection, 6 The Bubble Company Era, 7 Industrial Depression in the Seventies, 9 . Bismarcks Fiscal Theories, 10 Changes. in the Gpyerncptent, 11 The Imperial Taxation System, 15 - Formation of the Free Economic Union, 18 Introduction of the Tariff Bill, 20 Attitude of the National Liberals, 22 Coimter-action of the Clericals, 22 The Franckenstein Compromise, 24 Entrance of Hamburg and Bremen into the Customs Union, 28 The Tariff Amended, 31 The Railway Nationalization Movement, 32. CHAPTER XIV 1871-1890 SOCIAL ADJUSTMENTS Commercial Development after the War of 1870-1, 35 Discovery of the Social Question, 38 Bismarck and Social Reform, 39 His Atti tude towards Questions of Work and Wages, 40 The Social In surance Laws, 42 Attitude of the Radicals and Socialists, 45 Labour Law Reforms, 46 The Organization of the Imperial Prov ince Alsace-Lorraine, 47 The Party of Protest, 51 Grant of Modified Autonomy, 52 Failure to Conciliate the Population, 54 The Polish Question, 55 The Danish Question in North Schleswig, 58 Moltkes Plea for a Strong Army, 60 The Peace Strength re fixed on a Septennial Basis, 63 German Sea Power after 1871, 66 Imperial Expenditure, Debt, and Taxation, 68 The Beer, To bacco, and Brandy Taxes, 69, 70 Tobacco and Brandy Monopoly Projects Defeated, 72 Stagnation of Political Life, 73 The Ministerial Substitute Law of 1878, 74 Bismarck Misses the Support of the National Liberals, 75 Herr von Puttkamer and the Manipulation of Elections, 76 Attack upon the Independence of State Officials, 77 Retirement of Herr von Bennigsen, 78 The Lasker Condolence Resolution, 79. CHAPTER XV 1871-1887 FOREIGN RELATIONS i FRANCE Count Beust on the Events of 1866 and 1870, 81 Attitude of the Powers towards France, 81 M, Thiers on French Policy, 82 Bismarcks vi CONTENTS OF CHAPTERS Fear of Isolation, 88 German Relations with Russia, 84 Overtures to Austria-Hungary, 86 Count Beust succeeded by Count An drassy, 86 The Drei-Kaiser-Bund, 87 Italy joins in a Quadruple Entente, 90 The Recovery of France, 91 Count Harry Arnira, 91 Bismarcks Policy towards France, 91 M. Thiers gives place to Marshal MacMahon, 94 Activity of the French Clericals, 94 Quarrel between Bismarck and Arnim, 95 Arniras Dismissal and Humiliation, 97 Prince Hohenlohe succeeds to the Paris Embassy, 98 Germany and the Carlist Excesses, 99 French Military Meas ures, 100 The Is War in Sight Scare, 102 Bismarcks Com plicity Discussed, 103 Intervention of the Czar and Gortchaioff, 104 Maintenant la paix est assuree 105 Bismarck Proposes to Resign, 107 Relations between Germany, France, and England, 108 French Colonial Enterprises, 110 Proclamation of a Protec torate in Tunis, 112 Attitude of the British Government, 112 A Franco-German Entente, 113 General Boulanger, 114 Dan gerous War Agitation in France, 114 The German Army Bill of 1886-7, 115 Subsidence of the Unrest in France, 117...



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544 pagina's
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William Harbutt Dawson
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