The Golden Path to Natural Healing

Auteur: Sara Hamo
Taal: Engels
The Golden Path to Natural Healing
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781470115753
  • maart 2012
  • 244 pagina's
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On a bright day in 1979 Sara, a 34-year-old mother of two young daughters, discovers she has cancer. Although shocked and frightened, she realizes the physician himself is struggling with telling her the gravity of her condition, and pleads with him in tears always to tell her truth. The truth is harsh – further examinations show this is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that has metastasized to the liver and stomach lymph nodes. The physician suggests chemotherapy, the standard treatment, but no longer discusses recovery odds.In the book Sara describes, in simple, touching language, how her world fell apart, how she began chemotherapy but refused to continue it, and how in despair she found a natural path called the Kingston Clinic, which she followed even though she dared not believe it would help. Years later she finds out that conventional medicine could not have helped her condition, and receives affirmation to her feeling at the time, that the therapy itself would have killed her before the disease could.She describes, step by step, her incredible recovery from terminal illness, and leads the reader to understand what she had understood then – that there is another way to regard life and health. A year after the recovery process, Sara decides to become pregnant, as she and her husband had planned before she became ill. She knows there is a risk the pregnancy might provoke the cancer, but feels a deep sense of health and a need to realize it.Pregnancy is pleasant and easy, and towards her labor she persuades a midwife to deliver her at home. The poignant description of her third child's natural birth and her happy laughter on seeing her son are the climax of coming back to life and creating a new life. It all turns out for the best, however, for as soon as Sara has more time she decides to write this book: in it, she wants to provide information to enable people follow it and help themselves. Her effort was certainly crowned with success, and 25,000 copies have so far sold in small Israel, each copy passing among many hands. Today Sara is considered an authority on natural health in Israel, and the method she teaches is considered extraordinary within this area. The method is set out in detail in the book. It is unique, as it is more balanced than other natural methods, and uses cheese and eggs, which are available and easier to digest than vegetable protein. The method makes much of the biological clock and the right times for sleeping, for activities and for various foods, and regards the matter of introducing superfluous liquids into the body. It explains the reasons for infectious and chronic diseases and refers to the mutual effect of body and mind on health. The book also tells the stories of people who recovered, with Sara's assistance, from various illnesses and health problems. Sara does not claim that recovery is possible from any illness or at any situation, and deliberately includes cases of people who died – yet achieved a better quality of life and did not suffer. She emphasizes that the method is best used to prevent illness and slow down the ageing process, rather than as a fire extinguisher, although it is very useful even in difficult cases.Sara Hamo, 61 today, is slim, strong and agile – a living example of the method's effectiveness. She provides personal consultations to people with health problems, and gives courses teaching the method. Sara knows that natural health is not a tradable merchandise, and that people will often prefer chemical or natural medications and food additives to changing their life style – but she will not give up. She believes that, eventually, more people will realize this is the truly good and effective path to a life of quality. The fact that her book has been selling in Israel for the past 16 years, with sales rising annually, is proof that her belief in common sense is not unfounded.



maart 2012
Aantal pagina's
244 pagina's



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