The greatest escape / Travel the Quantum Path to Personal Freedom Travel the Quantum Path to Personal Freedom

The greatest escape / Travel the Quantum Path to Personal Freedom
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The Greatest Escape reveals how you can free yourself from the past, overcome the limitations of ego-centered consciousness, and break the barrier that separates you from a truer reality that exists just underneath the surface of your everyday life.

She addresses how to:: * Know why an ego-centered consciousness is inadequate when it comes to solving both personal and social problems * As individuals and a society, our beliefs cause us to keep repeating the past and distort present reality. * Use events in our everyday lives to achieve higher consciousness. * Recognize the beliefs you are holding and getting them out of the way. * Use emotional responses as a feedback system for personal growth. * Understand the real purpose of emotional responses is fundamental to understanding human behavior and how to change it for the better.

Many of the ideas that are integral to quantum psychology contradict traditional ways of thinking about the human condition. "Feeling bad is actually good for you," says Jean. "Negative emotional responses, stress, tell you when you have a problem that affects your well-being. Suffering, mistakes, and failure, if we pay attention to them, force us to think and behave in new ways," allowing us to change.

Jean also notes, "A common misconception is that outside events cause stress, and people blame those idiot drivers, evil terrorists, demanding children, uncaring spouses, or an unjust society for their unhappiness. However, if our happiness depended on anything outside of ourselves, then the idea of individual freedom would be nonsense. We would all be each other's slaves, dependent on outside events and other people for our well-being. The fact is, our happiness comes from within, and only we can take it away from ourselves."



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Travel the Quantum Path to Personal Freedom

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