The Happiness Switch How to Transform Anxiety, Depression and Other Negative Moods by Focusing on and Cultivating Good Feelings

Auteur: Christine Ellis
Taal: Engels
The Happiness Switch
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781540640208
  • september 2016
  • 138 pagina's
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How to use the built-in power of your emotional system to shift out of depression, anxiety and other negative statesYou will benefit from this book if you:are struggling with anxiety and depressionhave been trying to find a drug-free solution to shifting out of anxiety and depressionhave an open mind and are willing to give something new a try.I cannot promise you a quick solution or even THE solution. What I have written in this book is my own story as a long-time suferrer of depression and anxiety. I was even diagnosed with PTSD at some point. I tried for a very long time to get a handle on my moods and become the sunny, happy person I was occasionally, but I always bounced back. After the birth of my son, I was determined to get better. And better I got. I had a series of revelations about how my emotions are working and that it is actually possible (and it becomes easy!) to guide them. I am not a medical doctor and I have no medical training though. What I offer you are my own stories and my own method. I'm just a regular teacher, mom and wife who has figured out how to live well inside her skin. Or, better said, inside her mind..I will teach you:- How to generate positive feelings and emotions at will- How to stay in good feeling states, moods and emotions consistently- How to coach yourself out of “the dumpsIMAGINE THE HAPPY, HEALTHY YOU CALLING YOU FROM THE FUTURE. WHICH DECISION WILL YOU MAKE?



september 2016
Aantal pagina's
138 pagina's



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How to Transform Anxiety, Depression and Other Negative Moods by Focusing on and Cultivating Good Feelings

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