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Auteur: Eod Andrews
Uitgever: Smashwords
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9780463369661
  • oktober 2019
  • Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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Sheikh Hassan Feisal and his full emirate entourage visits Michael Bryan's automobile company because of a sick Bentley. Hours later, his wife, Hajia Zainab, returns alone to press Michael to fix the Bentley because it's created a problem at home. He notices she's unhappy, and she reprimands him for smoking and working in a dirty office. He comes to work on his day off to help, and she was there to pressure him. She leaves there happy, and he calls Texas to tell his mum about a woman that reminded him of her.

Days later, he visits the sheikh's home with a proposal to update the systems of his Super-cars, but bearing gift of a royal portrait painting of the sheikh and his wife he had made. Sheikh Feisal loves the painting and surprised Michael is also gifted in arts. He approves Michael's proposal but puts in on hold and instead requests for more painting.

Zainab knows Michael's hidden motives and she's also astonished at his guts. When the sheikh wasn't paying attention, in whispering he tells her his mission there and she suggests he makes a suicide note first.

She has never strayed, and had openly sworn with the holy book to forever remain faithful. Like magnet her beauty attracts men, and a few have perished coming closer. Intuitively, she fears she's falling for the American. Days later she traces his residence to warn him about the inevitable mortal consequences if he doesn't stop, but things changed and they couldn't suppress their inner desires anymore; and they made wild love that's so intense she left without her panties. She deeply regrets it; but days later she finds herself wanting more. Under the pretext she wants her underwear back, she goes back to his house; and this time, she lets herself loose on him as the erotic adventure began.

She travels to London but sneaks right back into Nigeria within 48hrs and straight to his apartment. They began episodes of sexual exploration at different places and her hijab brings the desired covering. However, another obscure woman in hijab appears, and mysteriously shows up wherever they went and she's a catalyst that triggers different emotions in them….

Zainab senses her husband lurks, and decides to lay low but he's already ahead of her. He comes for blood, but applies caution. The emirate throne and the presidency is at stake, and he's known internationally and wouldn't want to start another rumor or make president Obama ask why an American was murdered; therefore, he takes a covert route. He sends disguised entreaties for Michael to leave his wife, but it fails. He uses staff of the American consulates, it fails again; and lastly, he imports a Russian secret agent, Natasha Egorov. She finds Michael, gets into his head and stays there until Zainab caught them in the act, and then breaks away.

Michael finds out about the plot, his mistakes, and sad he's hurt Zainab, but determined he'll reconcile with her. Stubbornly he goes to her residence and walks into a trap. But in the midst of danger, their flesh temps them one more time, and they ravaged themselves right there while sheikh Feisal was at home with army generals until they stepped on a secret pin to trigger an alarm that brought everyone to the door and there's no time to put clothes on...

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oktober 2019
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Eod Andrews

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