The Innocent Shall Pay

Taal: Engels
The Innocent Shall Pay
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781514643051
  • oktober 2015
  • 270 pagina's
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Every so often the moon went behind the clouds and when this happened the shadows would rush out towards her from the trees only to be forced back once again by the moonlight. Myra had never liked the dark and was soon imagining noises and movements that were never there. She found herself looking back over her shoulder and was slowly becoming more spooked. Of course once that happened she was prepared to do anything to stop the fear. The darkness was suddenly swept away by the headlights of a car. Myra turned around and watched it approach. The lights shining in her eyes made it impossible to see any detail but she could tell from the sound of the engine that it was slowing down. As the car drew level with her she bent down to look in the drivers window. “Can I be of any help?” “Well you see my car broke down about a mile back and I was hoping to find a phone.” “That’s okay, hop in, there is a village up ahead, you can phone from there.” “ Thanks, I must say it was a little nerve racking out there.” Slamming the car door she turned to look at her knight in shining armour. It was dark inside the car and she was not able to see his face except in the glow from the dashboard. As he turned to look at her he lifted his left hand off the wheel and brought it around in an arc gathering speed as it went until he was slamming the back of it into her face. Her head slammed back against the headrest and she felt her lip split. The blood spilled down over her blouse and her ears were ringing. Her sight was blurred from the tears welling up and before she had chance to scream he had grabbed her around the throat.



oktober 2015
Aantal pagina's
270 pagina's



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