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The Jagged Heart
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Auteur: Trinity Lee
Uitgever: Smashwords
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781476487809
  • maart 2012
  • Adobe ePub
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Young guitarist Phoenix Murphy has just walked out on Mudride, the band he loves. He's unsure of his future, and he's bruised and battered after the break-up of his abusive relationship with Mudride's lead singer, Taylor. Then he's introduced to Caedem, the mysterious guitarist who walked out of the band in similar circumstances two years ago. The minute he meets Caedem, he knows his heart is lost for ever - but before they can be together, Caedem has to exorcise the demons of his own relationship with Taylor.

Advisory: This erotic romance novella/story (10,000 words) has graphic sexual content describing oral and anal sex between two insanely hot guys. Unsuitable for under-18s.


Even though he'd compared Caedem to Taylor, the way they went about their yoga routines was completely different. Taylor had been so competitive, so hyped, that even something as relaxing as yoga turned into a struggle, even when the only opponent was himself. In contrast, Caedem seemed deeply at peace with himself as he breathed and stretched. After ten minutes, Phoenix caught himself staring at him, fascinated by his concentration and inner strength - and the beauty of his strong, supple body.

Caedem caught his gaze as he finished up, and blushed, a flush spreading down over the skin of his chest.

''Not used to someone watching me,'' he smiled. ''Been on my own for so long.''

''Couldn't help it,'' said Phoenix. ''Your fault for being so damn hot.''

Caedem groaned.

''I thought we were through with all of that,'' he whispered, with a gesture towards Dylan sleeping, meaning, ''Don't wake him up.''

''Sorry,'' said Phoenix. ''Just thinking aloud.''

He moved up on the single bed to make space for Caedem, who flopped down next to him, and suddenly the heat rising off Caedem's body just inches away from him was too much, and Phoenix reached out his hands and stroked Caedem's face, running his hands over the short stubble of his skull, and he couldn't resist any longer, bringing his mouth down on Caedem's.

Caedem tried to push him away, but Phoenix could feel his willpower crumbling with every moment that passed, and he felt him sigh under him and his lips parted to let in Phoenix's tongue. In the fleeting seconds, a lifetime's desire passed between them, and by the time Caedem finally managed to pull away from Phoenix, turning his head away and clamping his mouth shut, Phoenix knew his heart was lost.

''I want you so much,'' whispered Phoenix fiercely, pressing his body the length of Caedem's.

And then Caedem was on top of him, his sweat-slick muscles hard against Phoenix's chest, sucking at his tongue and biting his lips, grinding his hips against him before they pulled away from each other in shock at the intensity of their feelings for each other.



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Trinity Lee

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