The Land, the Bible, and History Toward the Land That I Will Show You

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The Land, the Bible, and History
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This unique book offers a Catholic view of the Holy Land in the debate that rages among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Alain Marchadour and David Neuhaus, two biblical scholars and priests living in Jerusalem, clearly analyze the Promised Land-as concept, history, and contested terrain-in Catholic teaching and doctrine. They offer an analytical reading of the entire Christian Bible (Old and New Testaments) with reference to the idea of the Land promised by God. They explore early and medieval attitudes, especially with regard to the Holy Places and the Jewish people. Moving carefully to the present day, they focus on anti-Semitism, the tragedy of the Shoah, Western colonialism in the Middle East, the creation of the State of Israel, and the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem as they examine Catholic reactions to the tumultuous events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly the renewal of Catholic thought in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. Studying the most recent Church documents, Marchadour and Neuhaus confront the ongoing struggle for peace, justice, and reconciliation in the Middle East. This illuminating book is an essential tool for all those struggling to understand the links between the Bible, the Church, and contemporary Middle Eastern realities, especially in Israel and Palestine.


Examines the concept of the Promised Land in Roman Catholic thought, from medieval times to today's discussions of Middle East tensions. * -The Chronicle of Higher Education * The two authors write as scholars of the Bible unconcerned to frame arguments over modern Israel and Palestine but hoping that their factual presentation may contribute to the near silent dialogue on peace in the Land. * -The Catholic Historical Review * . . .An intelligent and helpful volume. * -America * Sucessfully frame[s] the question of the theology of the land in a way that gives a theological perspective and hope to all the shareholders in the Holy Land. * -Florida Catholic (Catholic News Service) * . . . seeks to help Christians reflect on the imporatant questions raised by the complex past, conflicted present, and insecure future of the Land known today as Israel and Palestine. * -New Testament Abstracts * This book will help Catholics have a more informed understanding of the issues at stake in the struggle of Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews over the land that both consider their rightful home. * -The Catholic Biblical Quarterly * With its moderate tone and broad scope, this book is a valuable and accessible contribution to a contentious topic and should be of interest to Catholics and others concerned with religious attitudes toward the land of Israel. * -The Journal of Ecumenical Studies * Fathers Marchadour and Neuhaus successfully frame the question of the theology of the land in a way that gives theological perspective and hope to all the shareholders in the Holy Land. * -Catholic Free Press (Catholic News Service) * [A] posture of respectful listening sets Marchadour's and Neuhaus' study apart from the aggressive partianship that characterizes much Christian writing on the Israeli-Paelestinian conflict. * -Modern Theology *



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Toward the Land That I Will Show You
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