The Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide for Her EBOOK

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  • 9781386602439
  • december 2018
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Figure out the perfect Christmas gift for that special lady in 5minutes, and have them cherish you forever!

Hey there,

  • Have you ever wondered what she would really want for a Christmas gift this season?

  • Have you ever wondered what would put a smile on her face, and engrave you right at the bottom of her heart, to love and to cherish forever?

  • Have you always wanted to show gratitude by giving her the perfect gift, but just couldn't figure out the right pick?

  • Are you tired and weary of surfing through the internet and going through online shops to find the perfect gift that would suit her?

Well, if you have experienced any of the questions I asked above, then you must be as frustrated, confused, and tired as I was last Christmas season. Trying to choose the perfect gift for my mom, my sister and my girlfriend was an uphill task for me. I loved my girlfriend-Diana and I wanted to please her with my gift

Being the naïve young man that I was, and still basking in the universal myth that all girls loved chocolates and flowers. Guess what I did next?

I went ahead to buy her chocolates, flowers, and make-ups, without paying much attention to her needs. I didn't care how much it cost..I mean it's Diana after all, and I really wanted to please her.

So I walked up to her, and presented my gifts on Christmas Eve. She was so excited that she couldn't wait till the next day, so she tore open the wrap.

At that moment, she froze, the glow in her eyes disappeared, she suddenly became calm, and she managed to fake a little smile, and muttered the words ''thanks, but I can't accept this''….she handed the present back to me, and then she slowly walked away..

I was confused, disappointed, angry, ashamed, bitter, felt rejected, but most importantly I knew I had lost her. Truth is I just didn't understand what I did wrong. Well, not until I got home and started staring at her pictures on my phone…

At that point, it dawned on me that she hardly ever wear make-up, I swiped to the next picture where I offered her some chocolates, but I suddenly remembered her refusing it, because she was allergic to it. Worst of it all, she found her dad dead in a garden and since then she disliked flowers, because they reminded her of him…

I didn't want any other guy to go through my loss, So I decided to write this E-book, so that you don't make similar mistake like I did.. I took my time to research and I can confidently tell you that contained within the pages of this book are;

  • Over fifty plus Christmas gift ideas for that special lady

  • Budget friendly gifts for your mum, sister, aunty, grandma, and your girlfriend

  • Most suitable gift ideas for that adventurous lady

  • Quality Christmas text that would leave you loved ones smiling all through

  • Beautiful City Ideas to spend your Christmas Vacation

  • Over sixteen activity ideas to engage in when you're bored on Christmas

  • Most appropriate gift type that would suit her

  • Amazing Gift Ideas that would make her miss you all day long, and many more…

So if you want to be that very special person that would have her love, attention and blessing this Christmas, then this book is absolutely for you!..

No matter how late you're running for your Christmas shopping, this E-book is here to guide you on how to make the right choice...why not give it a try?

Merry Christmas!!



december 2018
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


James Walter
Zenith Sky Books

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