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  • 9781311435910
  • maart 2015
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After our three heroes from Planet Earth saved the universe from the reptilian hordes (and were summarily court-martialed for insubordination and other offences), the League of the Four Galaxies settled back into its usual complacency. Even though the enemy was preparing for a second round, they preferred to believe that the war was over and the universe was safe for at least another 2,000 years.
Fortunately, Wasov, the chief of the Special Forces of the Galactic Patrol, was already gearing up for a second round. This time he would have the assistance of all three of our heroes, Willy, Brian and John, as well as the fourth member of their childhood gang, Leonard (nicknamed Jelly) as his dream think-tank. Through Willy’s unique ability to converse directly with the enemy and to read their minds, he is able to gather information that is crucial to the survival of the league.
Wasov also rehabilitates Brian’s ex-con father (the creator of the controversial “Disser”, which had turned the tide of the war in the League’s favor) and gave him the facilities and the freedom to research and develop new devices that will enable the military branches, for the first time in history, to take the war into the Reptilian universe.
In this book we finally get a close up view of the Reptilian universe and some of its key players. We also see some of the humans, descendants of people taken captive by the reptilians in their previous raids into our universe, who had managed to escape their captors and had founded a secret civilization hidden away from the eyes of the reptilians.
In the meantime, our young heroes, now undergoing intensive military training, manage to find new and creative ways of getting themselves into deep trouble.

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maart 2015
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Joseph Gabrieli
Smashwords Edition

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