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The Leaves of Fate (In the Land of Whispers, Book 3)
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  • Engels
  • Luisterboek
  • 9781982767198
  • december 2009
  • Verteller: Nigel Gore
  • Speelduur: 21:00:06
  • 400##
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The Leaves of Fate is the third and final volume of the epic fictional chronicle, In the Land of Whispers. Here we find the hero of Jamestown, Captain John Smith, forced to return to England, never to set foot again in the colony. Beyond his compelling memories of life in Jamestown, with its famine, disease, and discord, lies the sordid history of the rapacious greed of desperate colonists and wealthy London financiers who develop tobacco as a cash crop in lieu of food. Even a reunion with Pocahontas is brief and bittersweet, but despite continuing hardship and neglect, Smith becomes the best-selling author of his time. QUOTES:"The concluding volume of Minkoff's heavyweight Jamestown trilogy (The Weight of Smoke; The Dragons of the Storm) covers 1610 to 1630 and offers a detailed history of the English colonies told in flowery Elizabethan English (''I am all that I know, a motion sensed, a current from forgetfulness''). A fitting wrap-up to an impressive trilogy, this expansive epic will surely please series fans with its authenticity, intrigue, and stylistic verve."—Publishers Weekly "No author that I know of has brought home [Jamestown's] trials and tribulations more vividly than Minkoff.... It is obvious that Mr. Minkoff has done an enormous amount of research on the periods he covers. Any reader who enjoys having history come alive will benefit from acquiring and reading all three volumes of In the Land of Whispers."—Robert Shultis, Virginia Gazette "The language the author employs to tell his tale mimics the speech of the 17th century. If you are looking for a novel that is fast-paced and full of action, this book is not for you. If you value the tone and construction of the English language in sentences that are poetic in nature and add refinement to the ordinary novel, you will enjoy and savor this book. Highly recommended for readers with sophisticated literary tastes."—Jeff Westerhoff, Historical Novels Review



december 2009
Ebook formaat


George Robert Minkoff
Nigel Gore
Alison Larkin Presents



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