The Love at Home Handbook Stories and Principles to Foster Love at Home

The Love at Home Handbook
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  • juni 2015
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One of the truly unique features of this book is it shows us how to foster the peace and tranquility in our mind and emotions that make it possible to have peace and tranquility in our relationships. We learn to manage the thoughts and feelings that drive behavior. And we do it with easy to understand, but engaging, real-life stories.

If you like stories you will love this book.

''This is a needed and practical guidance oriented book. It is well written, and driving it with stories makes it read very easily. I found myself mining nuggets of advice and stories that might find their way into a sermon.''Dr. Stan Copeland, Senior Pastor, Lovers Lane United Methodist Church.

''I really like this book. It is a reader friendly, practical road map for improving family relationships. Filled with illustrative stories and examples of Christ-oriented relationship principles, along with helpful suggestions for applying them in families, it is a wonderful resource for all who are interested in personal growth and happiness in family life.''Ted P. Asay, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

''Having been a bishop, I feel that the principles described in the book can be helpful to all families as they deal with everyday life. The examples and stories that are used to illustrate the principles make the application of how to use them come to life! I have found them to be clear, interesting, and helpful.'' Bruce Kimball, former LDS bishop

Real-life stories illustrate Christian parenting principles and how to have a peaceful marriage.

See why anger is both friend and foe and learn how to defuse it.

Learn why we are driven to keep up with the Joneses and discover ways to free ourselves and our family from this energy-draining burden.

Explore how honoring each other’s right to choose can foster love in the home.

Become sensitive to feelings we may have that our child or spouse is the enemy. Learn to be enemies no more.

Recognize our use of accusing criticism and use that understanding to help resolve conflicts or avoid them altogether.

See clearly how to forgive and let go even when others choose not to.

Make kindness a way of life.

Real-life stories illustrate how the Sermon on the Mount is relevant today.

Chapter 1: We Can Get There from Here

A college professor shared this experience:''When I was five, my older siblings were all in school and my younger brother, being still an infant, absorbed much of my mother’s attention. I had a balsa wood airplane with a propeller connected to a rubber band. I would wind up the propeller and fly it through the rooms of our home. One flight ended with the plane perched on top of the washing machine. Well beyond my reach, I tried to sweep it down with a broom that was standing nearby. My plane came down, but so did a full box of Tide with no lid on top. The white powdery detergent was everywhere.''

''Desperately I tried to put the soap back in the box. But it was a task beyond my abilities. I panicked. I picked up my plane and silently made my way to the far side of the house. I crawled under a bed, curled up in a ball, and waited. I knew doomsday would be arriving soon.''

''My mother called my name. I didn’t answer. I could hear her moving through the house looking for me. Finally she came into the room where I lay hidden, knelt down by the bed, and peered into my hiding place.''

''She coaxed me out from under the bed, picked me up, sat down in a rocking chair, wrapped her arms around me and assured me that I was far more important to her than any amount of soap powder.''

''Today, fifty years later, this experience is as vivid to me as if it had happened yesterday.''

Wouldn't we all like to live with the gentle, caring spirit of this mother in our hearts and homes. This book was written to help us do



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