The Mediaeval Mind - A History Of The Development Of Thought And Emotion In The Middle Ages - Vol II A History of the Development of Thought and Emotion in the Middle Ages

The Mediaeval Mind - A History Of The Development Of Thought And Emotion In The Middle Ages - Vol II
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THE MEDIAEVAL MIND A HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THOUGHT AND EMOTION IN THE MIDDLE AGES BY HENRY OSBORN TAYLOR IN TWO VOLUMES VOL. II FOURTH EDITION MACMILLAN AND CO., LIMITED ST. MARTINS STREET, LONDON 938 COPYRIGHT 2930 IK R. Ar K. CONTENTS BOOK IV THE IDEAL AND THE ACTUAL SOCIETY continued CHAPTER XXV PAGE PARZIVAL, THE BRAVE MAN SLOWLY WISE. ... 3 CHAPTER XXVI THE HEART OF HELOISE 29 CHAPTER XXVII GERMAN CONSIDERATIONS WALTHER VON DER VOGELWEIDE 55 BOOK V SYMBOLISM CHAPTER XXVIII SCRIPTURAL ALLEGORIES IN THE EARLY MIDDLE AGES HONORIUS OF Axmw 67 v CHAPTER XXIX PACE THE RATIONALE OF THE VISIBLE WORLD HUGO OF ST. VICTOR 6 CHAPTER XXX CATHEDRAL AND MASS HYMN AND IMAGINATIVE POEM . 102 I. Guilelmus Durandus and Vincent of Beauvais. II. The Hymns of Adam of St. Victor and the Anticlaudianus of Alanus of Lille. BOOK VI LATINITY AND LAW CHAPTER XXXI THE SPELL OF THE CLASSICS 133 I. Classical Reading. II. Grammar. III. The Effect upon the Mediaeval Man Hildeben of Lavardin. CHAPTER XXXII EVOLUTION OF MEDIAEVAL LATIN PROSE ., 176 CHAPTER XXXIII EVOLUTION OF MEDIAEVAL LATIN VERSE m .215 I, Metrical Verse. II. Substitution of Accent for Quantity. III. Sequence-Hymn and Student-Song. IV. Passage of Themes into the Vernacular. CHAPTER XXXIV PAGE MEDIAEVAL APPROPRIATION OF THE ROMAN LAW, 260 L The Fontes Juris Civilis. IL Roman and Barbarian Codification. . II. The Mediaeval Appropriation. IV. Church Law. V, Political Theorizing. BOOK VII ULTIMATE INTELLECTUAL INTERESTS OF THE TWELFTH AND THIRTEENTH CEN TURIES CHAPTER XXXV SCHOLASTICISM SPIRIT, SCOPE, AND METHOD . . . 313 CHAPTER XXXVI CLASSIFICATION OF TOPICS STAGES OF EVOLUTION, . 341 I. Philosophic Classification of the Sciences theArrangement of Vincents Encyclopaedia, of the Lombards Sentences, of Aqumass Summa t teo logiae. II. The Stages of Development Grammar, Logic, Meta logics. CHAPTER XXXVII TWKI. FTH-CKNTURY SCHOLASTICISM 368 L The Problem of Universals Abaelard. II. The Mystic Strain Hugo and Bernard. III. The Later Decades Bernard Silvestris Gilbert do la Porree William of Conches John of Salisbury, and Alanus of Lille. CHAPTER XXV PARZIVAL, THE BRAVE MAN SLOWLY WISE THE instances of romantic chivalry and courtly love j gtessed a-flagjast ba t exemplify ideals of conduct in some respects opposed to Christian ethics. But there is still a famous poem of chivalry in which the romantic ideal has gained in ethical consideration and achieved a hard-won agreement with the teachings of mediaeval Christianity, and yet has not become monkish or lost its knightly character. This poem told of a struggle toward wisdom and toward peace and the victory when won rested upon the broadest mediaeval thoughts of life, and therefore necessarily included the souls reconcilement to the saving ways of God. Yet it was knighthoods battle, won on earth by strength of arm, by steadfast courage, and by loyalty to whatsoever through the weary years the mans increasing wisdom recognized as right. A monk, seeking salvation, casts himself on God the man that battles in the world is conscious that his own endeavour helps, and knows that God is ally to the valiant and not to him who lets his hands drop even in the lap of God. Among the romances presumably having a remote Breton origin, and somehow connected with the Court of Arthur, was the tale of Par7. tol, 4he princely youth reared jn jbj i igriorance of jif e, who learnedgtriknigMliuuifs lessons in the end aScTBecame a perfect worshipful knight. This tale was told and retold. The adventures of another knight, Gawain, were interwoven in it. Possibly the French poet, Chretien de Troies, about the year 1170, in his re telling, first brought into the story the conception of that 3 4 THE MEDIAEVAL MIND BOOKIV thing, that magic dish, which in the course of its retellings became the Holy Grail. Chretien did not finish his poem, and after him others completed or retold the story...



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