The Micro Niche Method

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The Micro Niche Method
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  • april 2011
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The Micro-Niche Method: The Pathway to Premium Pricing and Increased Profitability for Today's CPAs By David Wolfskehl The primary marketing challenge faced by accounting firms today is differentiation. Firms tend to offer services in the same niches, with few exceptions. In fact, a review of top accounting firms in any city will likely produce the sense that the firms are largely interchangeable - just change the names and the photos. When every firm looks alike, the firms become commodities. They spend staggering amounts of time writing proposals in response to RFPs. They feel that clients constantly apply pressure about fees. They are afraid their clients will leave. What is more, they know their marketing efforts are ineffective. Even referrals come from quid pro quo agreements. Their networking activities seem to be a waste of time. The challenge these firms face is how to differentiate their firm from the sea of sameness. Most resort to value pricing or fee discounting, customer service claims and the like. Wolfskehl contends that these approaches will accomplish little, if anything. Instead, he offers 'The Micro-Niche Method." In this powerful book, Wolfskehl outlines why a micro-niche is the best way to compete in today's very competitive marketplace. Why is the micro-niche method effective as a competitive tool? Building a micro-niche wins the competitive race every time because it sets a firm outside direct competition with other firms. When you build a micro-niche according to this method, there will be no direct competition. The cornerstone of the micro-niche must be your particular specialization, built upon your unique expertise. Because you are an expert, people or businesses that need your unique blend of knowledge, skill and experience will seek you out. Your contacts within the industry will open doors for you and send referrals to you because you are the expert with the unique ability to meet the needs of the client. In addition, people will pay a premium price for your expertise and travel farther to see you. By building a micro-niche, you will eliminate competition and produce the work more efficiently and cost-effectively. You will also be able to leverage the power of effective targeted marketing. As you work with your clients, you will come to know your clients and the prospects in your circle of influence more intimately. You will learn to anticipate their needs and serve them more completely. Whether you want to open new opportunities for your partners and your firm or you want to grow a small firm with micro-niches, Wolfskehl has provided a step-by-step guide to the method that can set you or your firm on the path to greater success and profitability.



april 2011
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100 pagina's


Mr David Wolfskehl
Micro Niche Press



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