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  • maart 2019
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Extracts from the Mystical City of God VOL 2 - **THE INCARNATION :: **67 Christ our Redeemer began to manifest His Designs in regard to His Heavenly Mother after They had come back from Egypt to Nazareth, as I have already mentioned; and from that time on, He continued to follow up His purpose in His quality as Teacher and as the Divine En­lightener in all the Mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption. After they returned from Jerusalem in His 12th year, the great Queen had a vision of the Divinity, not an intuitive vision, but one consisting of intellectual images; one very exalted and full of the new influences of the Divinity and of the secrets of the Most High. She was especially enlightened in regard to the decrees of the Divine Will concerning the Law of Grace, which was now to be established by the Incarnate Word, and concerning the power, which was given to Him in the Consistory of the Most Blessed Trinity. At the same time She saw how for this purpose the Eternal Father consigned to His Son the 7-sealed book, of which St. John speaks (Rev 5:1), and how none could be found either in heaven or on earth, who could unseal and open it, until the Lamb broke its seals by His Passion and Death and by His doctrines and merits. For in this figure God wished to intimate, that the, secret of this book was nothing else than the New Law of the Gospel and the Church founded upon it in this world'' **(Ven. Mary of Agreda, Mystical City of God, VoI. II, chpt 6)

The Mystical City of God consists of four volumes; I - The Conception, II - The Incarnation, III - The Transfixion and IV - The Coronation. Mystical City of God, the miracle of his omnipotence and the abyss of his grace the divine history and life of the Virgin Mother of God our Queen and our Lady, most holy Mary expiatrix of the fault of eve and mediatrix of grace. The history and life of the Virgin Mother of God our Queen and our Mother and Mediatrix of Grace, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus, Prioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception in Agreda, Spain. For new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men. Completed in 1665.

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maart 2019
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Sister Mary Of Agreda

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The incarnation
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