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The New Quantum Universe

  • Engels
  • 9780521564182
  • november 2003
  • Hardcover
  • 374 pagina's
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Introduction to quantum physics for the general reader.


From reviews of the first edition: 'The Quantum Universe has a quotation from me in every chapter - but it's a damn good book anyway.' Richard P. Feynman 'A lively, informative read, beautifully illustrated, about the most powerful scientific theory known to mankind.' P. C. W. Davies '... a pleasure to both the mind and eye.' Science 'This book will amaze, baffle and delight ...'. Nature 'If you want a 'way in' to the most successful and wide-ranging theory devised by human ingenuity, read The Quantum Universe.' New Scientist 'If one is after a very readable, insightful and inspiring guide to the theory underpinning the 'quantum age', there is no need to look any further.' Chemistry World 'The book The New Quantum Universe by Hey and Walters ... is an excellent semi-popular account of the quantum world. ... personal profiles of people who have significantly contributed to this subject is frequently emphasized which I think is not only very entertaining but also very educational. ... I found it very clearly and engagingly written. ... I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all physicists. I also recommend it without reservation to all those interested in knowing why 'quantum' has become such a cool word recently, so much so that we now have quantum psychology, quantum healing, quantum evolution, quantum cleaning, quantum leaps, quantum car repair shops and a myriad of other uses and abuses of the ubiquitous word.' Contemporary Physics 'This book provides an extremely comprehensible introduction to the essential ideas of quantum physics. ... the revised and updated version of the highly successful first edition, titled The Quantum Universe ... They write with a rare clarity and vigour and give thorough explanations and examples. ... Overall, this book makes an excellent introduction to the field for non-specialists and enjoyable leisure reading for scientists and engineers ... I can only warmly recommend this book for all those who are interested in quantum effects.' Optics and Photonics ...this is an exceptionally successful popularization for the many readers who love science for its wonders... Physics Today The Quantum Universe is beautifully and prolifically illustrated...Hey and Walter's presentation of quantum physics includes a rich mix of history, basic physical ideas, and a dazzling range of applications that should appeal to a wide audience. Sky and Telescope



november 2003
Aantal pagina's
374 pagina's
Met illustraties



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