The Nine Sons of the Dragon

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The Nine Sons of the Dragon
Bindwijze: Hardcover


Auteur: Xue Lin

Uitgever: Snowflake Books Ltd

  • Engels
  • 32 pagina's
  • Snowflake Books Ltd
  • januari 2012
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The charming stories in The Nine Sons of the Dragon come from an ancient legend. The powerful dragon king had nine sons who were all different in character and who were all forced to live on earth by an Emperor's evil plot and by the brotherly love among the nine dragon brothers. The stories can provide wise insights into the variety of human character in the manner of the ancient Greek and Roman myths and show how each person has a role to play and should be accepted. By using lively illustrations, the book also serves as a valuable introduction for children to understand and appreciate the various forms and images based on the stories of the nine dragon sons that can be found both on traditional and modern Chinese buildings and in decorations. There is something very special about this book. Readers will enjoy an interesting and unusual Chinese calligraphy that uses the forms of birds and worms to write the names of the nine dragon brothers. Looking carefully, it can be seen that each bird and worm in every Chinese character has an expression, and that the birds and the worms all seem to communicate in a single character so that it can be appreciated as a beautiful drawing too. This Bird-Worm calligraphy was invented 3000 years ago in ancient China and now only a 101 year old gentleman, Mr Muhe Zhao, can write in this style proficiently.

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Auteur Xue Lin
Illustrator Jian Zhi Qiu
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 8x190x150 mm
Gewicht 140,00 gram
ISBN10 1908350105
ISBN13 9781908350107

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Bindwijze Hardcover
Verschijningsjaar 2012

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