The Parallax

Taal: Engels
The Parallax
Uitgever: Rodney Osborne
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780987254900
  • juni 2014
  • 202 pagina's
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THOSE THAT THINK ALL THIS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT STUFF IS GARBAGE: I would have to agree with you, in part anyway. There is a lot of garbage out there and you are correct in rejecting it. Most of it won't help you much. But even in that sentence the assumption is made that you need help: as if you were some kind of crummy person. Perhaps you do need help, or maybe not. I didn't write this book to "help' you or even try and convert you to a Personal Development follower. It's a topic that won't go away, and it's a topic that has undergone massive abuses. This book points out where it came from and how to make it really work. Before you put this book back on the shelf, ask yourself: "what if there is something in all this?', and, "If there is something in it, don't I at least owe it to my loved ones to be a better me? THOSE WHO "DO' LOTS OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: You must read this book! There is a message in these pages that will prevent and save all the work you have done so far from being wasted and burned to ashes. That would be a real shame. All those books you read, all those seminars and conferences you "invested' in, and all those acts of goodness you did for others, will count for nothing unless you get the message contained herein. Not only that, this book will show you how to choose Personal Development material in the future that is actually worth anything. CHRISTIANS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR SOME ANSWERS ABOUT PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Personal Development is God's idea. Personal Development has also been given a bad name as a result of unqualified teachers, or to use a Bible term: false teachers. In some cases practitioners in the occult have been peddlers of what they call Personal Development. Others have turned it into a money making enterprise. It's not that hard to differentiate between what is useless or even dangerous Personal Development and what is useful and truly beneficial, even though it may seem so. That is why I have written this book for you, so don't throw out the baby with the bath water.



juni 2014
Aantal pagina's
202 pagina's


Mr Rodney Osborne
Rodney Osborne



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