The People's Platform


Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age

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Auteur: Astra Taylor
Uitgever: Metropolitan Books
  • Engels
  • 9780805095456
  • april 2014
  • 288 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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From a cutting-edge cultural commentator, a bold and brilliant challenge to cherished notions of the internet as the great leveler of our age.The internet has been hailed as an unprecedented democratising force, a place where everyone can participate. But how true is this? Dismantling the techno-utopian vision, The People's Platform' argues that for all our tweeting and sharing, the internet in fact reflects and amplifies real-world inequalities as much as it reduces them. Online, just as off-line, attention accrues to those who already have plenty of it.What we have seen so far, Astra Taylor argues, has been not a revolution but a rearrangement. A handful of giants like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are our gatekeepers. And the worst habits of the old media model - the pressure to seek easy celebrity - have proliferated. When culture is free, creative work has diminishing value and advertising fuels the system.We can do better, Taylor insists. The online world does offer a unique opportunity, but a democratic culture that supports the diverse and lasting will not spring up from technology alone. If we want the internet to be a people's platform, we will have to make it so.


If you want to understand the web not as some invasive, alien dimension but an extension of our own world, The People's Platform' is an excellent place to start.' Oliver Moody, The Times We need books like this ... [Taylor's] done a lot of homework and writes well, so The People's Platform' will be an invaluable primer for anyone seeking to understand why our networked world isn't all that it is cracked up to be.' John Naughton, Observer Public discourse on the subject of technology is skewed to the margins, to the extremes ... credit is due, then, to Astra Taylor, for trying to reject such simplistic divisions ... She has highlighted a genuine problem facing the world - the difficulty of promoting art, culture and public- spiritedness in the internet age.' **** Tom Chivers, Sunday Telegraph There have been a lot of books about how the Internet is changing our world, but this is absolutely one of the best. Beautifully written and highly recommended.' David Byrne Sane, lucid, and generous. This book adjusted my thinking on several scores.' Jonathan Lethem This timely book lands just as the valuations of technology companies soar and cracks have begun to show in the public's reverence for the likes of Google and Facebook ... The People's Platform' is packed with facts that give weight to this argument ... Taylor's nightmare and Zuckerberg's dream may well come true: we'll be living in a Facebook world.' Hannah Kuchler, Financial Times Perhaps the most important book about the digital age so far this century.' Douglas Rushkoff The scariest book I've read in a while is also the most exhilarating: there is no better, stronger picture of our bleak new technological landscape and the peppy delusions and deceptions of its profiteers than The People's Platform. But knowledge is power, and Taylor gives us a picture so clear it empowers us to find a way forward through the debris. Read it and revolt.' Rebecca Solnit

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april 2014
20,6 x 13,7 x 1,8 cm
Aantal pagina's
288 pagina's
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Astra Taylor
Metropolitan Books



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Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age

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