The Perfect Human Capital Storm Workplace Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century

The Perfect Human Capital Storm
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  • december 2014
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The workplace as we know it is changing around us dramatically from a variety of perspectives simultaneously. Technology, aging population, changing demographics, leadership development, acceleration of change, four generations in the workplace, and education will today and in the future impact organizations. If organizations do not address these issues they do so at their own risk. As the environment changes there probably is no more of an important time for leaders, managers, and supervisors at all levels to truly demonstrate effective leadership behaviors. There is a perfect storm brewing globally and nationally with workplace implications particularly over the next decade and beyond. It consists of a variety of factors that are varied, increasing in pace, and importance over time. Due to these various factors, it might appear overwhelming to address and yet they are factors that organizations need to address because they are not going away and will be the difference between success and sustainability or demise of an organization or evolution of an industry or enterprise. The unique perspective that this book brings to the table is the combination and complimentary perspectives, along with the overall business needs that organizations will need to address. In particular the human capital strategy that they will need to create in their presently changing environment that has societal and organizational implications. The human capital professional in particular will need to be informed, proactive, and play a key and engaged role with their client organizations to address these multiple/concurrent changes. The following are just a few trends that have implications for organizations and in turn for leaders at all levels in organizations. As society continues to age, demographics also continue to change. The minority and majority terms will evolve in the 21st century particularly in the U.S. We have an increasing aging workforce around the world. The U.S. has presently four ages in the workforce. Education will increasingly become more important as a higher education will be needed for the higher-level skills needed in today and the future workplace. Technology continues and will continue to grow and change at exponential levels. Employee engagement continues to gain importance and increasing (especially during these changing and tough economic times). Change remains constant, as organizations need to adapt to the ever-changing environment and to stay ahead of their competitors. Leadership and leadership development will increasingly become fundamental for the success of organizations. All of these trends and changes are happening at the same time while organizations work to stay ahead of their competitors. Globalization and technology are two that are forcing organizations to step back and rethink how they will move forward in these very fast and changing times. If society should have learned something by now, especially in the early stages of the 21st century, is that we can no longer say that something will not happen. Each of these topics is a book in itself. The dilemma is that they are occurring simultaneously and organizations have to concern themselves with them. They have to create a strategy that compliments the organizational strategy as change continues to occur and forces organizations to change. For this reason organizations will need a dependable and developed workforce for the future.



december 2014
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94 pagina's



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