The Poet and the King Elvis, Lincoln & Lennon

The Poet and the King
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781499395945
  • augustus 2014
  • 332 pagina's
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"Kresk, my friend... Tell me once more why it has to be Ravynn Bliss... The only soul Satan will ever throw out of hell." -Jean Claude Boucher, circa 2112 “Because this mission must succeed, Jean, or we all die, and freedom dies with us... In Ravynn and Ling Su Lee, between them there is not a rule made that they can't find a logical reason to not break." - Jonas Elias Kresk Elvis, Lincoln, and Lennon... Three of history's most famous icons known the world over are somehow precariously linked and it is in altering their fates that the key is held to saving the future of freedom and democracy in 2112. Leading a team of five highly unlikely but specially chosen civilians, all of them actors with varying degrees of in-experience, Special Ops legend Ravynn Bliss, and her right hand, martial arts expert, Ling Su Lee, as beautiful as they are lethal, embark on an incredible non-stop thrill ride through time that quickly goes awry when a damaged ‘Time Cycle’ transporter mistakenly activates "test scenarios" that send the Ti Cy team unprepared bouncing through time into harrowing life and death real historic events they were never intended to go. Spiraling out of control, the clock is ticking in 2112 for the 'genius' Kresk to “fix it” before lives are lost…before all is lost… And, as if that wasn't scary enough, they are being relentlessly pursued by two highly trained assassins sent from the future by the vicious rulers, ‘Lord Attor and Emperor Orochi'. Two merciless killers sent with one objective only, to "find Ravynn Bliss and Ling Su Lee, and kill them... kill them all." If Ravynn and Ling Su fail, then for the United States of America the future will be one of tyranny, enslavement, and extermination. It's an amazing edge of your seat, wild roller coaster ride through hell, filled with Action, Romance, and Adventure in the thrilling Part One of 'The POET and the KING.'



augustus 2014
Aantal pagina's
332 pagina's



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Elvis, Lincoln & Lennon
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