The Power of Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth and Spirituality

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth and Spirituality
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  • 9781722502799
  • oktober 2019
  • 180 pagina's
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DR. JOSEPH MURPHY, the author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, wrote, taught, counseled, and lectured to thousands all over the world for nearly 50 years. Studying the world's major religions convinced him that some great power lay behind them all. This collection of his works on Wealth and Spirituality is a must read for anyone who wants to find that power.BELIEVE IN YOURSELFIn Believe in Yourself, Murphy shows how you can use the power of believing in yourself to achieve your dreams. Illustrating his points with wonderful stories about how inventors, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs have used this power to reach the heights, he shows you how you, too, can achieve success.HOW TO PROSPERProsperity means to increase our capacity or ability in every direction, so that we make use of the Power and ourselves. The human mind connects the word prosper with money, but we do not get more money until we prosper inwardly by increasing our knowledge of God, the way he works, and by deepening our ability to express ourselves.MEDITATIONS & AFFIRMATIONYou have the incredible potential to be, do, and receive whatever you desire, imagine, and truly believe. Unfortunately, only a small number of people achieve their full human potential, because they fail to recognize and harness the infinite power of the subconscious mind-the divinity within them and around them. This book will show you how to create your own new reality through desire, imagination, and belief.THE HEALING POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MINDYour thoughts and feelings create your destiny. Whatever your conscious and subconscious minds agree upon will come to pass. Think of illness and you will be ill. Think of happiness and you will be happy. You have the power to control what goes into your mind. Instead of dwelling on depressing and life-sapping thoughts, feed your subconscious with life giving patterns and your actions and reactions will match your thoughts. In this book, Dr. Murphy gives you the tools to reprogram your mind to change the nature of your thoughts from debilitating negativism to inspiring affirmation.



oktober 2019
Aantal pagina's
180 pagina's


Dr. Joseph Murphy
G&D Media



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