The President of the United States of America god Has Spoken

The President of the United States of America
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  • december 2012
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America, we have recently held an election for the office of ''President'' of the United states! Once more an ''African American'' was placed into that office by being re-elected; President Barak Obama! I am honored to have him as President of our great country for another four year term! The shock of his being elected into office in 2008 left many Americans in awe; and to be re-elected was even more shocking to many! Many have tried to ''put their finger'' on exactly how this could be possible! Those that are very wealthy are confused of the fact that their ''money'' could not prevent it! The news media world wide made it their buisness to make clear the fact; that President Barak Obama received only thirty some odd percent of some Americans votes; as these stood in deep silence when his victory was announced to the world! The opponent was so confident of winning the election that he didn't even feel a need to prepare a speech; just in case he did not win! Many are in total ''confusion'' regarding ''how'' this is possible! For all Americans that are ''confused'' let this book be of great help to you as it will remove the confusion and cause you to comprehend the power behind President Barak Obama's success! Times have changed in America and most of us are trusting in something other than money, prestige, or power! Many of us look deeper than the natural into the supernatural as we continually pray for God's intervention into the affairs of this world! We are of those that are ''in'' this world but not ''of'' this world; we are of those that seek a better world wherein dwelleth righteousness! God have promised us a better world and we look forward to God's promise and until that day arrive; we will continue to pray for godly people to rule over the affairs of the government of the United States Of America. For it was prayer and trust in God that this country was built on based on Biblical principles and it is these same principles that will keep this country standing strong in this world! God Almighty is in absolute and total control of his creation both visiable and invisiable; and it is God which is the power behind our President's awesome, historical success! God, my friends have spoken!



december 2012
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68 pagina's



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god Has Spoken
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