The Road To Glory

Taal: Engels
The Road To Glory
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  • 9781406749861
  • maart 2007
  • 340 pagina's
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THE ROAD TO GLORY FHE ROAD TO GLORY BY E. ALEXANDER POWELL ILLUSTRATED CHARLES SCRIBNERS SONS NEW YORK i 9 is TO MY SON EDWARD ALEXANDER POWELL, ffl FOREWORD THE great painting it is called Vers la Gloire, if I remember rightly reaches from floor to ceiling of the Pantheon in Paris. Across the huge canvas, in a whirlwind of dust and color, sweeps an avalanche of horsemen cuiras siers, dragoons, lancers, guides, hussars, chasseurs with lances levelled, blades swung high, banners streaming Frances unsung heroes in mad pursuit of Glory. That picture brings home to the youth of France the fact that the nation owes as great a debt of gratitude to men whose very names have been forgotten as to those whom it has rewarded with titles and decorations it teaches that a man can be a hero without having his name cut deep in brass or stone that time and time again history has been made by men whom the his torians have overlooked or disregarded. This is even more true of our own country, for three-fourths of the territory of the United States was won for us by men whose names are without significance to most Americans. Nolan, Bean, Gutierrez, Magee, Kemper, Perry, Toledo, Hum bert, Lallemand, De Aury, Mina, Long these vii Foreword names doubtless convey nothing to you, yet it was the persistent and daring assaults made by these men upon the Spanish boundaries which undermined the power of Spain upon this conti nent and paved the way for Austin, Milam, Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Ward, and Houston to effect the liberation of Texas. On the other side of the Gulf of Mexico the Kempers, McGregor, Hubbard, and Mathews harassed the Spaniards in the Floridas until Andrew Jackson, in an unof ficial and almostunrecorded war, forced Spain to cede those rich provinces to the United States. In a desperate battle with savages on the banks of an obscure creek in Indiana, William Henry Harrison broke the power of Tecumsehs Indian confederation, set forward the hands of progress in the West a quarter of a century, and, inciden tally, changed the map of Europe. A Missouri militia officer, Alexander Doniphan, without a war-chest, without supports, and without com munications, invaded a hostile nation at the head of a thousand volunteers, repeatedly routed forces many times the strength of his own, conquered, subdued, and pacified a territory larger than France and Italy put together and, after a march equivalent to a fourth of the circumference of the globe, returned to the United States, bringing with viii Foreword him battle-flags and cannon captured on fields whose names his country people had never so much as heard before. A missionary named Marcus Whitman, by the most daring and dra matic ride in history, during which he crossed the continent on horseback in the depths of winter, facing death almost every mile from cold, starvation, or Indians, prevented the Pacific Northwest from passing under the rule of Eng land. Matthew Perry, without firing a shot or shedding a drop of blood, opened Japan to com merce, Christianity, and civilization, and made American influence predominant in the Pacific, though, a decade later, David McDougal was compelled to teach the yellow men respect for our citizens and our flag at the mouths of his belching guns...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
340 pagina's
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E. Alexander Powell
Read Books



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