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The Scorn of Linx

  • Engelstalig
  • 106 pagina's
  • 9781494896232
  • januari 2014
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When the leaders of Earth first made contact with the Dekomat it signaled a new renaissance. New technology was introduced which enabled faster and safer space exploration as well as new age medicine that greatly contributed to a Humans lifespan. But not everything was well received. The Dekomat is a Matriarchal Race, who do not acknowlege men in positions of power and see them little less than dogs. With their guidance, the Woman of Earth took on a prominent role and safety guided the masses. But that was not meant to be. The men dismayed by this natural order started a worldwide war that saw the death of a Royal Dekomat. In a rage the Dek forswore the Human race in the entirely and sent ships of War to stamp Earth out. Forewarned by the unlikeliest of Heroes those that could escaped the coming Fleet as those that didn’t perished.Now the remnant of the once great race is scattered amongst the stars. Concealed on Farmar, a far-away farming planet are the cast off colonist of a pacifist sect. There we meet Linx. He unlike those of his colony is aggressive by nature and has a longing for electronics which is frowned upon in the colonies charter. Unwilling to be swayed from his passions Linx is set up and expelled from the safety of the community. Outside of the walls that have protected him his whole life he roams the earth until he unearths an ancient artifact. This chance discovery may decide the fate of Mankind.


D J Blount
8x229x152 mm
213,00 gram
januari 2014

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9, 99
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