The Shape Story 3 EBOOK Tooltip The Shape's Creative Color Collection

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  • 9781952082627
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  • juli 2020
  • Adobe ePub
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Apples, strawberries, and cherries

are Red, Red, and Red.

Wait! How can they be just ''RED''

when they are different kinds of RED?

Colors are a treasure worthy to be displayed in a museum! And in The Shape Story 3, they are. So many colorful hues with their shades, tints, and tones have been collected most passionately by the most unlikely friends...Shapes! Yes, Shapes! These are the most endearing outlines of geometric shapes you will ever meet. They can run, walk, and touch. They can think and feel. And with their big, large eyes, they can behold everything, even the beauty of colors. But they have a problem. They have found themselves stuck with an ever-present question mark. What are their names?

An award-winning author of The Number Story series, Miss Anna is happy to unveil to you one of her favorites--The Shape Story. And as you may have already expected, Miss Anna's book on colors is again far from the typical and the ordinary. She always presents a subject in a different light. A dollop of cozy sweetness and a sprinkling of witty charm are her signature flavors. The Shape Story is all-of-the-above and truly one-of-kind. An educational-fiction written in verse and rhyme, The Shape Story is sure to delight little children, more so because the children themselves are the Shape's long-awaited teacher. After each colorful riddle posed by the Shapes, they are ushered into the rooms to name the colors in the beautiful exhibits (of reds, oranges, yellows, and the like). These are no common and ordinary color exhibits, mind you. In The Shape Story 3, red is not simply ''red''. There are pomegranate red, raspberry red, brick red, ruby red, candy apple red, blood red, and more 'red's. Since there are creative and imaginative ways to describe the color of red, why be satisfied with just RED? It sparks the imagination to know that colors can be described in different ways, albeit childlike ways, hence heightening the keenness in observation and clarity in expression. Isn't it grand that the children themselves can be the 'teacher' teaching the names of colors while being true to the child they are? Miss Anna's The Shape Story 3 will lead to big smiles and big imaginations! Buy the book and enter into the world where Shapes and colors await!



juli 2020
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd
3 - 5 jaar


Anna Miss
Lumpy Publishing

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