The Shopping Malls of Heaven EBOOK Tooltip and the Meaning of Life

Auteur: Saeed Kauser
Uitgever: Sublime Books
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9780978398439
  • Druk: 1
  • maart 2016
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The Shopping Malls of Heaven and the Meaning of Life presents a more detailed description of heaven than has previously been available. If you believe in heaven, have you ever wondered what it will be like? Will it be a physical place or a spiritual one? Will there be houses in heaven? Will we eat and drink? Will we go shopping? The Shopping Malls of Heaven and the Meaning of Life provides specific answers to these questions and offers a vivid picture of the life that awaits once we pass from this earth.

Like many people, Saeed Kauser has pondered over the reason for our existence and the meaning of life and has arrived at what he believes to be a satisfactory answer. In his view, the answer lies in teachings about the afterlife as taught by Christianity and Islam, and he would like to share his findings with you in this book.

Let us consider that everything we do in this life is usually done with a goal in mind. We are likely to know what our goal is, and we make an effort towards achieving it. Surely the most important goal we should all have is to fulfill our life's purpose. But what if the whole purpose of life on this earth were to gain entry into heaven? Most of us have only a vague idea of what heaven will be like so how can we do what is necessary to go there? This book offers a detailed description of heaven, and it is my hope that the information provided here will motivate us to do what is required to be admitted into it.

This book provides a detailed view of the afterlife from traditional Islamic sources. There are some very particular details, like what our bodies will be like, what we would eat and drink, the type of clothes we will wear, and even the menu at the first meal we will have in heaven.

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maart 2016
Ebook formaat


Saeed Kauser
Simone Gabbay
Gabbay Simone
Sublime Books

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