The SIGMA Passion Part 2 The Power of Passion

Auteur: Vlad K Once
Taal: Engels
The SIGMA Passion Part 2
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781467912488
  • november 2011
  • 514 pagina's
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At least once in their life everyone questions why they live. Some ponder why mankind itself exists, and the purpose of existence at the personal level. Despite all that is common to the thought and cognition systems of intelligent humankind, Homo sapiens, each individual will arrive at answers to these questions in their own, unique, way. Irrespective of cultural, ethnic, political, economic, social, psychological and other specific views and convictions, the human being is, first and foremost, a social phenomenon. As a result, inquiry of a supra-individual nature needs constant social scrutiny and comment; and answers should be true not just for today, but also for tomorrow at the very least. This book is an attempt to delineate the real ‘problem’ area, and the author has tried to set forth certain views and thoughts concerning current problems facing humanity. Where necessary, he makes excursions into the past which, informed by modern scientific knowledge, focus on links between historical events and problems in contemporary life - problems that hang like a large and ominous cloud over mankind.This book gives us the chance to look at widely-known events and facts from a viewpoint that offers an alternative to the generally accepted one. The author’s point of view allows us to make our way in company with the book’s heroes, via the ‘cognitive paths’ of their mistakes and difficult search for the truth, and to arrive at certain objective deductions. These deductions actually have the potential to change our contemporaries’ outlook on the things that happen in life. The book is about the past, the present and the future. It reveals the aim, direction and method that someone has to follow, if he or she is to be worthy of being human. The book is about people who are not trying to alter the world, but to demonstrate the need (which has been imminent for a long time) for certain changes, a need that most people can sense implicitly. The heroes of the book are people from different cultures, all of them well educated, who meet and tell each other about their experiences, which are sometimes failures, or even tragedies.The book is written in a modern style and is dynamic and gripping. In the company of the book’s heroes, the reader has the chance not just to visit the characters’ thought processes, but also to make ‘real’ journeys round the world, visiting exhibitions of modern art and internationally famous museums, and making scientific discoveries of significance to the whole of mankind. This book is in a completely new style which the author has called the Supra Essay (SE). In this SE style, classic literary style is woven together in an entirely harmonious way with the discoveries of contemporary research in such fields of learning as:- Psychology; - Sociology; - Cultural Studies; - Economics; - Social Psychology;- Anthropology; - Philosophy; - Noetic Positivism;The scientific community should hardly be able to avoid discussing the book since it will have the opportunity, in the light of the author’s completely new and professionally expressed hypotheses, to argue with him about his new, fully formulated and proven scientific theory of noetic positivism...A science novel in two partsPart Two


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