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  • 9780857056214
  • augustus 2016
  • Adobe ePub
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Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho (1963) is een Mexicaanse onderzoeksjournalist. In 2005 schreef ze een boek over kinderprostitutie dat veel oproer veroorzaakte en waardoor ze zelfs in de gevangenis belandde. OokSlavinnen van de machtis in haar thuisland controversieel en ze kan niet zonder beveiliging over straat. In 2007 ontving ze de Amnesty International Ginetta Sagan Award voor vrouwen- en kinderrechten en in 2008 kende de UNESCO haar de prijs voor de persvrijheid toe. Op vind je alle boeken van Lydia Cacho, waaronder het nieuwste boek van Lydia Cacho.


With contributions from seven of Mexico's finest journalists, t****his is reportage at its bravest and most necessary - it has the power to change the world's view of their country, and by the force of its truth, to start to heal the country's many sorrows.

Supported the Arts Council Grant's for the Arts Programme and by PEN Promotes

Veering between carnival and apocalypse, Mexico has in the last ten years become the epicentre of the international drug trade. The so-called ''war on drugs'' has been a brutal and chaotic failure (more than 160,000 lives have been lost). The drug cartels and the forces of law and order are often in collusion, corruption is everywhere. Life is cheap and inconvenient people - the poor, the unlucky, the honest or the inquisitive - can be ''disappeared'' leaving not a trace behind (in September 2015, more than 26,798 were officially registered as ''not located''). Yet people in all walks of life have refused to give up.

Diego Enrique Osorno and Juan Villoro tell stories of teenage prostitution and Mexico's street children. Anabel Hernández and Emiliano Ruiz Parra give chilling accounts of the ''disappearance'' of forty-three students and the murder of a self-educated land lawyer. Sergio González Rodríguez and Marcela Turati dissect the impact of the violence on the victims and those left behind, while Lydia Cacho contributes a journal of what it is like to live every day of your life under threat of death. Reading these accounts we begin to understand the true nature of the meltdown of democracy, obscured by lurid headlines, and the sheer physical

and intellectual courage needed to oppose it.


The Sorrows of Mexico describes not only the bloody tragedy of this beautiful country, but also the struggle to make things better. -- Ioan Grillo Author of Gangster Warlords and El Narco. Indispensable ... What is striking about these essays is the sensibilities they reveal, the sense of exasperation, resignation and wry anger coursing through the collection -- Scott Esposito Times Literary Supplement

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augustus 2016
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Adobe ePub


Lydia Cacho Anabel Hernández
Anabel Hernández
Maclehose Press


Vertaald door
Samantha Schnee Jennifer Adcock

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