The Sufferings of Young Werther

A New Translation

The Sufferings of Young Werther


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  • 9780393343571
  • januari 2013
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A masterpiece of European imagination, The Sufferings of Young Werther is the classic Sturm und Drang tale of youthful angst and tragedy. The acclaimed translator Stanley Corngold brings new passion and precision to Goethe's timeless novel of obsessive love and madness in this magnificent new translation. Goethe's themes of unrequited love, the pain of rejection, deepening despair, and their tragic consequences are as relevant today as when the novel was first published in 1774. His hugely influential novel informed the writing of, among others, Franz Kafka and Thomas Mann. In translating The Sufferings of Young Werther, Corngold follows the German text closely, never knowingly using a word that was not current in English at the time the novel was written and yet maintaining a modern grace and flair. The result is an eagerly awaited translation that speaks to our time through the astonishing liveliness of Goethe's language-as well through the translator's own.


Corngold's translation is earthy and precise, with language belonging to a young man who is capable of both elation and despair. If the prose sometimes sounds hyperbolic, so does Werther, who is by turns silly, melancholy, and somber. -- Rachel Shteir Stanley Corngold's translation is a triumph. This is a glorious achievement, a Werther for the ages. -- Christopher Prendergast A highly readable, sensitive, and lively Werther. Corngold is both faithful to the German and true to the demands of a modern English text. -- Jeremy Adler Corngold's new translation is of the very highest quality, punctiliously faithful to Goethe's German and sensitive to gradations of style in this extraordinary, trail-blazing first novel. -- J. M. Coetzee


Auteur Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Stanley Corngold
Taal Engels
Vertaald door Stanley Corngold
Afmetingen 15x208x140 mm
Gewicht 150,00 gram
Verschijningsdatum januari 2013
ISBN10 039334357X
ISBN13 9780393343571

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  Literaire romans
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Verschijningsjaar 2013
Verschijningsvorm Paperback
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