The Truth About Book Writing, Being an Author and What Is Required to Succeed with a Book of Your Own EBOOK Tooltip

Auteur: Robert Nahas
Uitgever: Smashwords Edition
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  • 9781311645579
  • maart 2014
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We often hear about how great it is to be a successful author. Though this is very true, it only becomes a reality for those who approach such an involved venture the right way. Sadly, all the rest, which is the majority, fail miserably.

When we begin looking into getting a book written, in short order we become confused by the conflicting information that we read, see and hear. And we're left not knowing how to even take the first step or what the right way is.

A statistic of the failure rate of authors is at an astonishing 92%. This stunning statistic should be a serious wakeup call for anyone wanting to delve into the book publishing realm and become a published author.

With false and erroneous information running rampant, you need to be enlightened with accurate data. With understanding under your belt, you can become impervious of the information that traps hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting authors every year.

The information in this best-selling book will be an eye-opener that will allow you to stay clear of almost certain failure with your book. The situation is so widespread that it is vitally important to know this: If you do what everyone else is doing, you are going to fail right along with them.

This is not bad news. It is the starting point that you must take if you want to succeed with having a book that will be impacting enough to enable you to achieve your goals as an author or entrepreneur.

No punches are pulled in this book. You're going to get "the whole truth." You're going to hear the bad along with the good about the ways that you can get your book written.

Reading this book will set things straight and keep you from the rushing current that is comprised of failing authors. If you don't anchor yourself with knowledge, from someone who has written more than 50 books as a ghostwriter, you will most certainly be swept out with the tide.

No longer do you need to open yourself up for greater frustration and false, inaccurate or conflicting data from mixed sources. The majority of this data comes from individuals who are not even succeeding in what they tell others to do. It's a recipe for disaster for an aspiring author.

Get the significant amount of unbridled truth that the author of this book reveals so willing. His heart is in the right place and his purpose is what it should be: ''To help others help others.'' This is author, Robert S. Nahas' motto.

Get on the right path to success as an author by ensuring you have that all-important quality book. After you are disabused of all the false information and shown the pitfalls, you will also learn of the many options that you have for getting your book written at the level of quality it must have for success.

Author Nahas even shows you how to test whether you should be the person who writes your book. And if you conclude otherwise, he gives invaluable information about book writers and ghostwriters. Mostly, he shows you how you can actually write your book safely, without sabotaging your book dream.

If you are serious about succeeding and changing their life with a book of your own that will possess the true potential for long-term demand, being bought and read for generations to come, then buy and read this book. You will be very glad you did, because this priceless information is nowhere else to be found.

Robert S. Nahas is president of Writer Services, LLC - He has coached authors over the past decade to achieve their success goals. Here's an example of what clients say about him:

- - - - -

''I just want to thank you, Robert. Your patience and kind words have helped me to clearly understand what is required for me to be a published author. I am looking forward to completing this project and embarking on another project with you. I would recommend Robert to anyone who wants to write a book and has no idea where to begin.

''Thank you so much for everything you are doing for me.

-Esther Yarrington, Empowerment Coach

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Robert Nahas
Smashwords Edition

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