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Auteur: Simon Cai
Uitgever: Simon Cai
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  • 9781386720317
  • oktober 2016
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The human brain is complex. Given that, humans are the creatures with the biggest brain (in relation to body size). The brain controls entirely all aspects of human life, from the processes of life like breathing, pumping blood, feeling and walking, to more cognitive processes such as regulating emotions and responding to external stimuli. Strong emotions such as hatred and love emanate from the brain, quite conflicting to the common beliefs, which suggest that love originate from our hearts. Apart from body functioning and emotions, the brain is the source of sex drive and the compulsion to bear offspring. All these urges, acts, and processes occur at an unconscious level, as the human brain does not need to inform people about their circadian rhythm, blood flow or hormone balance. This allows us to concentrate on more complex, cognitive functions comprising processing information, elaborating plans, and learning new skills in our environment.

The brain is the biggest data storage facility, even surpassing man's testicle's storage capacity (yes, any man should begin being proud of his pair, as they keep more data compared to any computer). The brain takes and keeps information every second. In fact, a microsecond is a long time for the brain, as its speed is overwhelmingly great. Billions of ideas, images, texts, and sounds are stored in one unit of time by the brain. The speed of the human brain is immeasurable, as by the time you are through reading this word, the next activity will have occurred already. This implies that living in the present moment is literally impossible.

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oktober 2016
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Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Simon Cai
Simon Cai

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