The Vibrakids An Analogy of the Big Bang

The Vibrakids
Auteur: Norma Hickox
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781505504743
  • december 2014
  • 144 pagina's
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PREFACE This is the story of an organ named “ALL” that is crated up and waiting inside an auditorium which is under construction. During a thunderstorm it is hit with lightning and explodes, sending all the musical instruments that it was made up of flying out into the night as “thoughts” of music. They spread out over the city floating around until they find a musical instrument factory. One of them gets brave enough to enter a horn as it comes off the production line. Once inside the horn he cannot get back out. The others all follow his lead and enter the bodies of different instruments. Some of the thoughts from the organ “ALL” do not enter instruments. They elect to stay up high above the city because the city noises hurt them. They help the ones who have entered instruments in any way they can. This book is an analogy of the “Big Bang” and the fact that the spirits enter the bodies of humans and all have a desire to join back into the body of our Creator. The “instruments” are an analogy for human bodies and the thoughts that enter them are spirits. The thoughts that stay up high and do not enter instruments are an analogy of angels.Each chapter tells of the experiences of a different VibraKid and the instrument he or she has entered.· Tommy the Trumpet demonstrates the importance of attitudes and their effect on those around us.· Jennifer, a violin, knows that the true inner spirit of a person will come through without any help from “things” outside ourselves.· Fanny the Fancy Flute teaches that it is better to be an active member of society rather than an item of beauty collecting dust on a shelf.· Heather, a piano, tells almost the same type of lesson that it is far more satisfying to be of use to many others, especially underprivileged children, than to be a beautiful instrument only available to a few.· Ed, a guitar, is looking for excitement and thinks hell find it by belonging to one owner. He discovers his mistake when he ends up as a rental instrument with many different experiences.· Bobby, the Bass Viol, faces and accepts the fact that life moves on and that we must adapt with the times or be left behind.· Annie the Accordion, after overcoming feelings of envy, realizes that the way a person dresses, the way he or she looks, is not as important as the ability to entertain others and make them happy.· Paul and Paula, a bass and snare drum set, help others realize that we cant all be in the limelight and that each one has a contribution to make to the whole.· Mandy the Mandolin had to learn to overcome shyness in order to bring out the best of her talents and express her individuality.· Oliver the Electronic Organ wanted to emulate the almighty Organ “ALL,” but found he couldnt until he was in the right relationship with spiritual people. When this came about he was able to heal others through his music and become closer to the perfection of “ALL.”Their experiences teach them about different aspects of life and how to get along with others. They draw on the wisdom of the original organ “ALL” and pass this wisdom on to others. All the VibraKids have a deep desire to someday be able to return to the body of the big organ “ALL” (return to our Creator) and be able to make beautiful music together again.



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144 pagina's



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