The Werewolves of New Hong Kong Demon Lord

The Werewolves of New Hong Kong
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781539561910
  • Druk: 1
  • oktober 2016
  • 266 pagina's
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Welcome to the City of Dragons...A historical and controversial decision from the early nineteen eighties voted a different way by Government…this is now a new and different Britain. A sprawling metropolis and beacon to global business stands defiantly in the far north, skyscrapers and dazzling lights rising from the dark waves and transforming the UK in the eyes of the world.But something was overlooked…unknown and beyond human comprehension as the bulldozers and excavators arrived. An unholy and ancient evil defeated in centuries past stirs, hundreds of years of silence and slumber broken…corruption is set free.The bloodcurdling howls of unholy werewolf beasts across the Scottish highlands, the stirring of twisted phantoms...the abominable creations of darkness…of ancestral spirits long since laid to rest...demons and evil are rising once more...the ghosts of generations past are awakening. The power of darkness is on the ascendance, the nearby city ripe the hunting of souls, possession of the human spirit as the ultimate goal. Demonic forces are rising, the folklore of blood thirsty vampires, airborne demons and werewolves now grim realities few residents are aware of or can even wish to comprehend.Howls of blood lust will fill the glens and villages, an evil vengeance on the shores overlooking a glittering city…the prize beneath the foundations, ancient burial grounds and tombs of lost clans and Chinese warriors.One man is becoming aware and perhaps holds the key, oblivious to the sheer power within his mind, a subconscious twisted and tortured by death and tormenting visions. Ancestors of mixed race, focused through potent love of a son have awakened his senses…senses he is unable to control or empower. He is now the hunted…As the NCA and Highland Police attempt to unravel the escalating spate of vicious murders, one agent will face the truth, his colleagues drawn towards the opening gates of hell in attempts to protect his soul.Anthony Wang returns as the deeply troubled mixed race NCA agent with his older bickering colleagues, Jin-Lee and Robert continuing their struggle against ultimate evil with dark humour, innuendo, gripping suspense and violence throughout. With flamboyant and charismatic assistance from others, this adventure is just beginning…Welcome to New Hong Kong.Welcome to the City of Dragons…The Hong Kong Scotsman and The Werewolves of New Hong Kong are a fantasy/paranormal continuation of The Dorothy Squad Series. All books can be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone story.Life is fragile. At any time our existences or world could change…and change dramatically.Most of us do not even consider, or are far too afraid to consider...that this hour may be the last of that perceived normality…that the darkest evil is watching.The author aims to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and imaginative reading experience at an affordable price for the reader. All three works from the author's World War 2 Series concentrating on the Battle for Stalingrad have achieved Best Seller status on Amazon in the UK and many more stories are outlined.Imagination is personal, free and to be cherished.



oktober 2016
Aantal pagina's
266 pagina's



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